After under-going tests, they confirmed that Mikono does not have an Elemental Power and is no longer eligible to be a student of the academy. However with a twist of fate, she is brought back to the academy once more by Fudo Zen, high commander orders her to pilote Aquarion in Andy’s place.

Pffth, yeah I can’t take this seriously at all, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like it.
So Mikono didn’t show off any hidden Elemental Power, and the only thing that she can do (for now) is be a pilot within Aquarion.
The Infinity Fist is a complete joke, I mean- I can’t get it around my head about just how long it goes…. >_>
Shrade is like, holy crap- he’s fabulous, I love his really mysterious, eerily calm personality.  I actually find it badass that his elemental power is triggered by the piano. >_> I do wonder how else he’d trigger it if he were in Aquaroin? Maybe a virtual piano shows up? No no non oh wait – I got this, a MECHA PIANO appears and  when they merge together for Aquarion Mode, it will play the piano.
Okay that’s downright ridiculous, but somehow- I don’t see it entirely impossible consider what we’ve seen so far. Hahaha!
Fudo Zen is freaking hilarious. He’s the high commander but man it’s almost hard to take him seriously. He ninjas his way around, hijacks the boat to bring Mikono back to the Academy, make an epic entrance and enthusiastically relay all these new rules. This guy is awesome!!!!!!!
Now that the Berlin Wall was punctured by the Aquarion, the boys and girls can interact with each other freely, HOWEVER- there’s a new rules: LOVE IS FORBIDDEN.
Well whatcha know, it’s the classics! Mykage has awakened, so I imagine the whole date episode next week will not go according to plan- something will ought to crash the party.


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