Bakuman II Episode 15: Here Comes the Drama

That scene will forever be engraved in my heart. It's that awesome.

“Why don’t you tell me anything?!”

“You didn’t tell me anything either at that time!”

“I trust you, so tell me!”

“That means you don’t trust me!”

“I’ve had it!”

“Me too!”


Ohh, kids… Honestly, I felt like I was watching two 5 year olds having a fight about who’s allowed to get the candy in the end.
P.S.: HI EVERYONE!!! I will now be partly blogging Bakuman II with Vantage, I shall take care of the odd episodes and he will be taking care of the even episodes, so you can look forward to his write-up next week.
So basically, Mashiro and Azuki are in a fight because of what Takagi didn’t do. He decides to try and fix things, calls Aoki, but this only turns up in more shit as Aoki talks about how close she feels to Takagi and in the end nothing is said.
Meanwhile, Tanto manages to get first place in Next!, which means Takagi and Mashiro should be good for serialization. Aoki got second, and the editors seem to be complaining about the art, therefore they ask her to get Nakai to draw for her again. Thus, Nakai decides to be a selfish bastard it’s about time you start doing that and tells her that she must go out with him, which results in an absolutely epic slap in the face by Aoki Honestly, it couldn’t have been cooler than that.
Miyoshi calls Takagi, they finally patch things up and everything seems to be fine between them, however as they are supposed to meet at the zoo, it turns out that Aoki is there and that she finds the perfect timing to start crying in Takagi’s arms just when Miyoshi shows up. The fight starts up again, everyone gets pissed off, and in the end Miyoshi and Takagi decide to get married, Aoki becomes Miyoshi’s friend, and everyone is happy-go-lucky again for now.
…Wtf was this?
Honestly, I think I picked just the perfect episode to start co-blogging this, because this was absolutely priceless. The bickering and the sulking was so hilarious that I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through. Everytime I thought “it can’t get worse” or “yay, they finally made up!” something would go wrong.
Now, I feel that the drama of this may not be completely over quite yet, I mean Aoki is still hanging around and she still likes Takagi, so who knows what may happen there… Unfortunately my dream of an Aoki x Takagi pairing will probably never happen though, since him and Miyoshi are now getting married, which was so freaking out of the blue that I still have trouble believing it. Gee, I swear this show surprises me over and over again… Wtf will happen now -_-‘.
As for Nakai, honestly, he deserved that slap in the face, but I was also kinda proud of him that for the first time in his life he actually decided to be a selfish bastard and to try and go out with Aoki. Of course it wasn’t going to work out though… I wonder what’ll happen to him.
This episode was awesome. You’ve gotta love drama, bitch fights and childish sulking, it’s the best!
Honestly Vantage, I agree with you about facial expressions. The drama only gives us better ones.


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