Chihayafuru Episode 13: Unexpected Reunion


The Mizusawa team begin their tournament at Omi Jingu, however Chihaya seems to not be feeling well, with her vision all hazy and unable to react fast enough to grab any cards. When Taichi forfeits on her behalf, Arata (who has come to watch Chihaya play) turns up and looks after her while Mizusawa make it through a few games but are ultimately defeated. With the individual tournament approaching, Arata realizes that he in fact does love karuta, and promises Chihaya they will next meet in a match.


I told myself I wouldn’t. I even told Eva I wouldn’t.



Truth be told I was expecting him to burst in the venue like a boss, with some dramatic entry and spur on Chihaya’s hopes and miraculously bring her out of her daze! But unfortunately they’ve already used that plot device, so good on you, Madhouse! Actually I was also expecting Arata to have this massive pro aura that would make everyone go: OMG, is that…WATAYA ARATA? O_O

Now it’s pretty uncertain, with Chihaya’s forfeiting of the team match and Mizusawa’s loss a few games after that, where their standing is. My guess would be that they’ve lost the team rounds, however are still in for the individual competition (which is why people like Sudo are there). He was pissed, by the way. But WHO CARES about shaming Tokyo, when ARATA IS BACK! I doubt Arata will play in this year’s Omi Jingu, but I sure hope he at least sticks around to watch. It would be just like Kou-chan and Ohana going halfway across the country to visit each other, then JUST LEAVE right before they see each other -_- He did mention next meeting in a match though, so he may actually have left T_T

That scene with Chihaya resting in his lap though, and that box with the message would have set the Chihaya x Arata fangirls off for sure…ignores fangirl screaming

The flashbacking to Arata’s grandfather and his past was really sad, and when his granddad got amnesia I just froze and stared at the screen, completely shocked. I can see why Arata feels responsible for his death, especially since it was that karuta contest which Arata rushed off to that left his granddad alone when he had a relapse.

Some speculation on that eerie girl with the distinctive aura around her similar to Arata’s…funny, how her hair colour and even shade of eye colour is coincidentally identical to Arata’s cough relative alert cough I could be totally wrong though, but an ultra-powerful new rival at this stage could be interesting to see in terms of development.

We’re only halfway through the series, yet it’s getting more and more awesome each week, and I cry a bit more too. Onwards with Omi Jingu!

0 thoughts on “Chihayafuru Episode 13: Unexpected Reunion

  1. ARATAAAAAAA~~~~~ Sorry Vantage. I switched sides. Arata was way too awesome in this episode, him and Chihaya are much better off being together than Chihaya and Taichi. I absolutely loved this episode!

    1. And yet another person leaves the Taichi camp! You don’t know how tempting it is to switch sides as well xDD

  2. This episode was pure awesomeness. I was like, ;A; ARATAAAAA!!!! And oh my god, I choked up when his gramps pushed him into going to the competition and being his old self for the brief moment there. It was so emotional! SOBS

    That Arata x Chihaya reunion was awesome and my shipper heart was beating like crazy, and I must confess that Taichi’s catch when Chihaya fell unconscious was freaking hot. XD

    1. Arata needs to stick around for longer, then maybe I might switch xD Long-distance relationships are never as exciting T_T

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