High School DxD episode 1 [First Impression]: Worst First Date Ever

Holy crap that was much better than anything I could have hoped for.


I knew going into this show that it was going to be an ecchi and therefore I was not expecting much story, instead I was expecting a lot of white bars everywhere. I was really really surprised to see that not only the show was not censored much, it even had some kind of story and it even looked interesting. Now when I say interesting, I mean it in a ecchi way of course, I don’t expect something really serious, but instead some nice action with a lot of ecchi.


From the very beginning I was amazed to see that the show had such great art and animation, usually ecchi are quite crappy and the focus is put more on the boobs than anything else. The main character is really awesome, he is so desperate that it makes everything funny. When your last thought when you die is that you could not fondle the breasts of your killer, I feel really sorry for your sexual life. I mean, no wonder you don’t get a girlfriend if all you do is watch porn with your guy friend all day and grab their asses to get a spot to spy on the girl changing.


I am really pleased with all the uncensored boobies and the gratuitous amount of panty/boobies shot. It seemed we won’t need to wait long to be aroused in this show. Just at the ending we already had a scene where the most beautiful devil I’ve seen slept with her male servant, what more do you want?


This will turn into a harem of demon girl fighting fallen angel and I don’t have anything against that. At this point even if the story turns to shit, the ecchi is so good that it will make up for it. On the other hand, if the story stays awesome like it started, well this show might make both of my heads happy.


Now keep in mind, this show is a pure ecchi to begin with, if you don’t want to watch an ecchi don’t watch this show. But if you want some soft hentai, well this show might be perfect for you. I have not seen a tentacle yet, but with demon girl, they are sure to cum. The only thing that was censored this episode was the peak at the vagina and we didn’t see any penis either, but it seems that in term of censoring, this show will be much less of a pain in the dick than the previous ecchi of the last few seasons.


I am in awe at this show, I was expecting something terrible and now I might have hope to see something not only decent, but excellent. I am looking forward to the porn story in the coming episode.


ZeroG signing off.


2 thoughts on “High School DxD episode 1 [First Impression]: Worst First Date Ever

  1. As a man, I approve of the porn fact that it’s almost fully uncensored. I shall watch this, if only for kicks.

    As an anime fan, I can already see the (harem) ending xD

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