High School DxD episode 4: A Dead Sister can’t say no

Another rather interesting episode of High School DxD



The ecchi (or at the point where we are at, should I say hentai?) for this episode was a lot less intensive than in previous episode, instead the episode was more focused on the story. I guess 80% of the audience for the show will be disappointed that there is less boobs and more friendship, but I liked this episode for the most part.

The one part I disliked was the way that Issei and Asia became such good friend so easily even though they are sister and devil. I didn’t like the date part of the show, it felt too unoriginal. I’ve seen this happen a thousand times in anime and with how awesome this show is, it was a little weak for my taste. But it turns out that the date was actually a really good thing, I did not expect in the least for Asia to die so soon in the story. Now will she really remain dead I have no idea. If anything I expect that Issei will resurrect her and have his first slave for his harem available.

But if for some reason Asia really had to die, well it would just make me love this show even more. I always feel that most anime are way too reluctant to kill off characters. Since this show is already 18+, I don’t feel like they need to avoid killing characters so no will children cry. If someone seriously cries during this show, it is because he is not hard enough. Granted this could have happened this episode since it was not so ecchi, but I don’t think this show will ever reach my heart and make dust appear in my eyes. The action scenes are fun, the ecchi is great and the story looks interesting, but romance and drama was never something I expected from this show and I still don’t see how it could seriously happen.

In other news, Akeno is awesome ! That girl is so sadistic it makes a nosebleed beautiful to watch. The way she tortures everyone she is up against and how she always has this lustful and devilish smile in combat, she is incredible. And it ain’t just to show off either, after all she is the queen and she really has the power to annihilate just about everything in an instant. I want to see just how awesome she is next episode, I want to see her unleash hell and torture every single one of the 3 fallen angel present in her trap. I want to see her laugh and get horny over the pain of her enemies. Her sadism alone make the fighting scenes incredible.

I’m looking forward to the next episode, I expect even more action, more sadism, more deaths and more ecchi. I WANT MORE OF EVERYTHING!
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4 thoughts on “High School DxD episode 4: A Dead Sister can’t say no

  1. hahahha..u’re a sadist man..
    i watched this episode once but then repeat a few time,..
    it end at good time,make me wonder what will happen…
    i repeat a few time seeing where asia die..and make me thinking is that all asia character?? after that i watch the opening song ( usually i skip) and asia exist in the opening…
    it make wonder how this story continue?either issei revive her or she got back her scared gear?? ( to make sure, are u love S&M zeroG?)

    1. What is wrong with a little S&M to spice the day? The more blood, violence and sex are mixed up in my anime, the more awesome it gets for me. I like to see things I don’t usually see anywhere else, sadism, S&M, naked devil. I love all of these.

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