Inu x Boku SS Ep 2: Dear Soushi, please STFU!

Ririchiyo goes out shopping for a couple more things she need for her new home. Sorinozuka Renshou and Soushi accompany her and Ririchiyo thinks about how she wants to give something back to Soushi.

This was pretty hilarious and enjoyable (compared to last week’s) episode, but undoubtedly incredibly plain.
Not everyone is going to enjoy this. I figure that those who don’t have the patience to wait and see what happens in three episodes are probably going to drop it in the middle or after they finished watching this episode. If I hadn’t read the manga, well I can almost guarantee that I wouldn’t have been found covering this.
I was laughing quite a bit, and the BGM didn’t throw things off this time- but my god! You have no idea how many times I kept on thinking- actually I bet most of you were thinking the same thing: “Soushi STFU already!” It’s seriously annoying- and I thought that Koshiro from Yumeiro Pâtissière was annoying to listen to. The minute he opens his mouth, it’s like- I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s brutal!!! The seiyuu is fine, there’s no problem with the guy, it’s how much he talks in such short amount of time!
I really hope that some point in the future Soushi will SHUT UP or at least just stop praising her every two seconds. He’s really like a dog, except one hell of vocal one. If this drags on too long, without a doubt this is going to turn people away and stop watching it altogether- OR, they’ll click mute every time Soushi opens his mouth.
… Well at least there’s plenty of room for character development…

Ririchiyo revealed her true form as a yokai and my god she’s adorable! When she got stuck, I was rolling my eyes about how she’s aware of that she’s not in any sort of danger, and not freaking out one little bit, while Soushi  on the otherhand was like, “GRRRR MUST GET HER OUT!” Seriously he’s so overdramatic!!!!! Soushi, get a grip on yourself!!!
This episode, Ririchiyo explained to us one of the crucial reasons she’s awed and grateful for how Soushi is treating her. He is solely dedicated to only her- not because someone else told him to or to appeal to her family.
Overall this episode probably was a turn off and boring for most people. I’m actually surprised that this has already been licensed here in North America by Sentai Filmworks, (I MEAN, HELLO, WHY HASN’T ANYONE LICENSED CHIHAYFURU YET?!?!). I would say give this another two episodes before determining whether you really want to bother watching this. There’s plot in this story, but… I don’t know whether it’s confirmed that this is going to have twelve episodes (I’m getting this from ANN), but it does worry me about how things are going to turn out. They better get the plot kicking next episode because unless they are going to make a continuation/second season or magically make this  22-25 episodes, this adaption won’t be close to decent at all.
Finally, I have to mention about the ED sequence. It just plain weird. *FACEPALM* I mean really? It makes Soushi look like a pedo. They went over the top with that, and I swear I was actually half disgusted about it.
There’s an extra clip at the end of Ririchiyo texting Soushi.
It was cute how she was trying to text.


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