Inu x Boku SS Episode 1: Welcome to Ayakashi Kan [First Impression]

Shirakiin Ririchiyo moves to a special mansion called Ayakashi Kan, with the the best security and has unique, upperclass residents. She then finds herself confronted by Soushi who claims that he is her bodyguard.

First Impression:
Having read and love the manga, I was really looking forward to this when I first heard of the announcement about this becoming an Anime. As usual, manga adaptions are never perfect, and this one too- started off rather a rough start.
I was gradually growing more concerned as we progressed through the episode thinking to myself, “This feels considerably dull compared to how I read it from the manga…” or “It feels like they are killing the humor.”
For most part, this episode pretty much explained why Ririchiyo acts the way she does and how she truly feels inside, along with revealing the secret about the complex’s residents. I was actually surprised how well they managed while taking their sweet time (but that wasn’t necessarily a good thing as I pointed out- was considerably boring). It’s only really during the last 7 minutes of the episode when things start to kick in. That’s when you feel like having put up with 16 minutes of boredom (if you were bored) was worth it. I really liked how they handled that particular scene, the track used was very fitting and all at once it was funny and in a sense badass.

The characters aren’t dull and must I say quite unique (I mean Sorinozuka is a Fly ingCloth Monster!”)as they all have their own quirks. Soushi for example is one of those characters who may be appealing by appearance and considered ‘cool’ but the minute he opens his mouth just ruins his whole image. But you have to say, the minute he takes on his true form- INSTANT BADASS MODE… until he starts showering Ririchiyo with praises and affection.

Soushi is Ririchiyo’s bodyguard, he knows her from somewhere but we have (including our little heroine) no idea how or where and why he is so devoted to her. He also sheds manly tears (except…it’s not really that manly if you ask me). He’s pretty funny but he’s also, under that derpy devotion cover he is rather cunning. And that totally suspicious smile of his, really make it hard to tell what he’s really thinking.

Ririchiyo is adorable, and dislikes her bad habit of speaking ill of people and basically verbally abusing them. She has been bullied and used in the past because of her high class family, and that’s how she had developed that bad habit in the first place and on top of that, she’s also a yokai as well. Her character is pretty fun to watch, but I find that compared to the manga, her reactions towards Soushi’s praises or ridiculous punishment ideas is considerably slow.
Overall I can already guarantee you that I will follow this adaption through no matter how bad it might turn out. Right now judging the circumstances I suggest it would be best to play safe and have extremely low expectations for this show. I won’t be expecting much, but I hope they’ll at least improve from here on rather than diving into the pits of hell. Fortunately they managed to make me laugh a few times (sadly not as much as I did while reading the manga)… so I guess that’s not a bad start compared to not being able to laugh at all.
There’s one particular thing that has been bothering me and its the OST. I find it’s kind throwing off the humor because it doesn’t feel like it’s compatible with the scene. Otherwise the animation is good quality they aren’t overdoing the fanservice (it’s pretty much exactly how it is in the manga) and it looks like they are already having fun with the black sparkles.
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  1. Honestly, I would’ve given this show more hope since it seems good, if it wasn’t for the fact that I despise Soushi 😛 Hating the main guy in a romance show is never a good thing.

    1. If they do things right from this point on, you’ll probably come around to like Soushi a bit more.

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