Kill Me Baby Episode 1 [First Impression]: Seriously, kill me.

3 minutes into this episode, and I’m already bored out of my mind. How long is this again… 23 minutes? Alright… LET’S DO THIS!

Trust me, I don't need a jutsu to fall asleep when watching this.

So, in this first episode of this terrible show, we meet our 2 main characters, Yasuna and Sonya, 2 classmates in high school. Sonya is a serial killer, and she learns that Goshiki Agiri, a ninja from the same organization as her, has just transferred to the same school as her.
‘Nuff said, let’s move on to the impression.
Well then, what can I possibly say about this piece of junk… Apart from the fact that it’s a piece of junk.
First off, the opening was horrid. Like, absolutely terrible. It made me laugh a ton because it was so terrible.
Now about the gags. This is a gag anime, therefore the jokes have to be funny. Right?
…Right. After 10 minutes I’m still waiting for those funny jokes. By the end of the first half, I was getting sick of Sonya and her fear of cockroaches already. And you’re telling me I’d have to watch 13 episodes of this shit? No way.
When the second half started, I’ll lie if I say I got my hopes up when I saw the ninja. But let’s say I did, just for the hell of it. You know, mayyyybe J.C. Staff decided to redeem themselves in this second half with a cool but funny ninja. Well, my hopes would’ve gotten crushed miserably in about 30 seconds -_-‘. Stupid ninja was so damn stupid that I almost actually fell asleep because I was so bored. This wasn’t funny at all.
In the end, as I finally reached the ending after 20 painful minutes, I must admit that the ED entertained me quite a lot more than the show itself. Seeing those 2 girls standing there, dancing some weird moves, I would’ve rather watched them dance for 20 minutes rather than watch this horrid show.

Come on, keep dancing!

I think J.C. Staff finally tried to get out of their already-made template that was clichéd stories to try and give us something slightly original although that was a replica of Azumanga Daioh and Nichijou, however in the end all this turned up into a complete disaster, as the art, the jokes and the  context of this show were all absolutely horrible. J.C. Staff will need to provide us with much, much, much better than this if they don’t want to go bankrupt.

Possibility of watching: Never

Possibility of blogging: Never

This simple picture was the most entertaining thing of the whole show. at least it's cute.

Kat’s First Impression:
A show about ninjas? At first I said “count me in!” but this show turned to be a complete let-down. Before viewing the first episode, I tried not to hold a bias towards it based on Myst’s review, or the fact that the series was produced by J.C. Staff. But as I just said, it was a let-down.
Shows with assassins and ninjas in them should be about guns! Explosions! Fighting! Kill Me Baby, however, did not hold to any of the wonderful standards that I expect a show like this to have. Okay, it did have all of these things, but turned utterly and disgustingly cutesy: a water gun, crappy fighting scenes, and one crappy explosion that I can hardly even be called an explosion.
This episode had no redeeming qualities to it whatsoever. Just as Myst said, it was 20 minutes of pain. I was bored almost the entire way through. I only laughed, no, giggled, once throughout the whole episode. This was when Yasuna, the brunette, said “In all probability I’m in high school!” I don’t know why it made me chuckle, it just did.
There was a point in the episode when a stray dog came into the classroom and the whole class was, for some reason, frightened by this adorable pup (as seen above). Sonya, the assassin, grabs a mop to try to deter the dog. What? What kind of assassin isn’t prepared for a fight? What kind of person is afraid of an adorable doggy!? Why are high school students afraid of a dog!? There is so many problems with this anime, I just can’t take it.
What else can I say about this show? Sonya is supposed to be an assassin, but ends up being terrified of cockroaches and ghosts. Assassins are supposed to be fearless! No fears! Ugh, I can’t believe what I just watched. I am completely and utterly disappointed by this show. I do not recommend it for anyone unless you want to fall asleep.
Possibility of watching: N0
Possibility of blogging: N0

4 thoughts on “Kill Me Baby Episode 1 [First Impression]: Seriously, kill me.

  1. Well, what did you expect? It was J.C. Staff after all. They keep their company going off Index/Railgun, Shana and Zero no Tsukaima.
    Thank you by the way xD I shall wisely avoid this.

    1. You’re welcome! I like dissing bad shows. And, everytime I watch a J.C. Staff show I hope that they learn from their mistakes and that they redeem themselves, I guess… I can’t wait until they go bankrupt.

    1. Seriously, it really wasn’t worth my time. I can’t believe I managed to finish watching this first episode completely.

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