Mouretsu Pirates Episode 4: The Crazy Yacht Club

Well, looks like the yacht club isn’t over yet when it comes to having problems arising on this cruise… This week, a ship just so happens to be targeting them!! Oh wow, what a surprise! I mean, they hinted that fact for 2 episodes already but I totally didn’t see it coming!/sarcasm.
But before they figure that out, looks like Chiaki and Marika are on duty together again! Hum hum, that was totally a coincidence... They then perform scans to try and stop another ship stealing their info, when they encounter “a ghost ship” that shows up then disappears on their scan. What is this tomfoolery?! gasp They talk to Kane about it, who contacts the Bentenmaru, and while he does that, the whole yacht club gets together and decides they will fight off the enemy on their own what a badass yacht club.
Marika plans a whole battle strategy be herself, everyone agrees to it, and the episode ends as the yacht club has spotted the “ghost ship” that isn’t a ghost ship at all in the end.
Waaaaaah, this is so badass!!!
I love the fact that these girls are definitely not pros, however it shows that they have amazing brains and they can still do a heck of a lot with their abilities. Moreover, the president and vice-president of the yacht club are quite insane in their heads, but so awesome! I kinda wish they’d join on the Bentenmaru as well… I mean, it’s pretty certain that Chiaki will become a part of it already (her and Marika make way too great a combination for them not to be together), and the president and vice-president of the yacht club have started showing up as pretty important characters as well, so I’m curious to see how everything will turn out in the end. This yacht club is crazy…
Moreover, the “high school girl” factor is still there a lot. I mean, with the kyaaa-ing and the ohhh-ing and them being all together, it shows that these girls are still only in high school, however they’ve been part of this club for a while, and they also know how to be serious. Honestly, I love this club, and totally wish I could be a part of it.
As for Marika, her raw talent shined even more in this episode. She’s most definitely a novice, however she’s still absolutely amazing. Her strategy was great, and I loved Kane’s reaction to it: “This has tons of mistakes and loopholes, but consdering she did it with zero sleep and zero experience, it’s great!” I definitely agree to that statement.
Looks like next episode will finally provide us with some sweet action :3 I can’t wait to see what Marika will pull out of her ass last minute, it looks like “she’ll be making a decision”, so does that mean she’ll become the captain of the Bentenmaru next episode? I personally don’t think so, but I am curious to see what will happen…

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