Naruto Shippuden Episode 246: Mom’s Red Hair



When Naruto succeeds in stunning the Kyuubi long enough to start pulling out his chakra, the intense hatred causes him to start getting taken over – until his mother, Uzumaki Kushina appears in his mindscape, similar to how Minato appeared when Naruto fought Pain. Kushina tells Naruto the story of how she met Minato and fell in love with him, as well as her childhood story in Konoha.


So I guess Naruto’s parents installed extra fail-safes for when the Kyuubi took over, both in forms of…themselves. As I’ve read the manga, the whole appearance of Kushina and her helping out Naruto with controlling the Kyuubi’s power didn’t shock me as much as it would have to anime-only watchers, but it was still awesome nonetheless. I did feel the art could have been improved slightly, but that may have just been the whole ethereal mindscape dimension thing, since baby Kushina (“Tomato”) was rendered pretty well in the flashbacks.

It seems that Kumogakure is almost provoking conflict between themselves and any other hidden village on purpose, more often than not with Konoha.  Not even counting this incident with Kushina, there was that backstory on how they tried to kidnap Hinata to breed Byakugan in Kumogakure (which indirectly made Neji an arrogant ice cube) as well as when Team Killer Bee went and beat the shit out of Naruto just cause he was friends with Sasuke. Ironically, Naruto’s learning to control the Kyuubi in Kumo territory, which I bet Kushina wouldn’t be too pleased about.

I’m glad that Kushina doesn’t conform to normal stereotypes, and was instead a perfect tomboy that did all the beating up, instead of the other way round. I actually thought the Academy classmates would make fun of her -ttebane! verbal tic instead of her bright red hair. I also JUST remembered that this show has a ninja school xD I love how the bully’s older brother had so much pride claiming that he was a Genin as if it was some amazing high-rank position, and Kushina went: O__O Granted, both Naruto and Sasuke are Genin rank too, so you can’t always judge by rank xD

Minato played Kushina’s knight in shining armour, being the only one that turned up to save her. At this point you can already see his real potential as a ninja, even though he’s still as young as he is. He did seem a bit of a wimp back in the pre-Genin academy, with his yellow hair sticking out like a sore thumb.

Oh by the way, we’re not done with the awesome Kyuubi screenshots from last week. Especially this one, I bet it must have been beyond awkward for him on his back:

TAIL DEFLECT! I’m still in awe of the size proportion between Naruto, his hax Rasengan and the Kyuubi.

I won’t say anything specific, but note how the Kyuubi automatically recognized the chakra chains belonged to Kushina – hell, even the fact he knew of her existence at all!

We’re not quite back to controlling the Kyuubi yet, since there’s still the birth of Naruto as well as something involving Tobi to go, with the backstory behind why Naruto even had the Kyuubi sealed in him. I can promise it’ll be epic – after all, hasn’t every single ep since the fillers ended been epic?

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