Nisemonogatari Episode 3: Kaiki Deishuu



Araragi finishes up cleaning at Kanbaru’s house, and proceeds to head home on his bike. Right outside of Kanbaru’s he sees a strange, ill-omened man, named Kaiki Deishuu who he instantly relates to having a similar aura to Oshino. When he meets Senjougahara on the way home and mentions Kaiki, she chains him up and tells him that Kaiki was one of the conmen that took away her family’s money. When Araragi gets a text from his sister asking for help, he easily breaks free of his chains and Senjougahara lets him go after talking to Hanekawa.


“Gahara-san, Gahara-san!” 
“What is it, Churaragi-kun?”
“Wait, isn’t that Hachikuji’s gag?”
“Sorry. I bit my tongue.”

I knew something was missing from last episode, which turned out to be Senjougahara and her smooth insults to Araragi whenever they meet. Sometimes she seems all tsun and no dere xD But I love her new hairstyle.

I actually hate human garbage like you.

“Three…no, five girls you’ve played with today? Six, to be exact.” *GRANDMA*

Wow, I’d actually forgotten that from Arararagi’s point of view, it’s only been a day and he’s met up with Tsukihi, Hachikuji, Sengoku, Karen and Kanbaru. ARARAGI HAREM! Yeah, I can see why Senjougahara would have thought he was cheating. Especially with Sengoku and Kanbaru, I’m proud of you for staying so faithful Araragi xD Though I think she wasn’t exactly happy, because I’m not ready to believe that she chained him up only because she wanted to protect him. That searching for Araragi’s phone – feeling him up much? xD

He’s not just a lolicon either, but a closet siscon as well, feeling the immediate need to use those badass vampire powers to break his chains and run to his sister’s aid.Or might it be both of them? I can already see their reaction though: “We could have handled it without you! Onii-chan~”

Aww, kawaii ^^

“By the way, I saw a weird guy in front of Kanbaru’s house.”
“Oh? When did they hang a mirror outside Kanbaru’s house?” 

Shady wouldn’t even begin to describe that guy, whose name is about as unusual at it gets. Oh well, at least that makes Kaiki easier to remember. I’d also picked up the similarity to Oshino pretty quickly, from both his posture and his art style. Unlike Oshino though, this guy’s actually evil, so it’s safe to assume he’s the antagonist. In terms of his expertise on oddities, I’m guessing that what he sensed “one-third” of was Kanbaru’s bandaged arm, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was an oddity himself. A full vampire, maybe? Or something similar to that anyway, if the red sky and bare forest trees were anything to go by.

I’m pretty sure that whatever problem Karen and Tsukihi have is related to the appearance of Kaiki. It’s not my intuition either – the synopsis all over the internet actually says that the Fire Sisters try to capture Kaiki to stop him spreading Sengoku’s curse. Way to go, that’s pretty much…most of the story available before the series has even aired?

Of course, we’re all still waiting for development on the Karen Bee side, but I have a feeling they’re subtly implying we’re not getting much of that by going back to the Senjougahara OP. Still, some more plot has started to unfold, especially Hanekawa’s involvement with Senjougahara at the very end and Kaiki’s exact impact on the latter. Even if things are pretty slow, I’m happy as long as you give me my witty dialogue and funny one-liners. That’s what this series is famous for, after all.

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