Recorder to Randoseru episode 4: Boys are scary

This show is always funnier when Atsushi is involved, that guy has such a miserable life. The poor kid can’t even life a single day without everyone jumping on him, treating him like a pedophile.


ZeroG’s Impression

Just how weird must it be to be called dad when you are not even old enough to procreate to begin with. Poor Atsushi end up without any friends to team up with in sport and even the teacher rejects him and run away screaming, this can’t be good for his self-esteem.


I always find it weird that in most anime there is a new young teacher that is not good with boys/never had a boyfriend or lost her virginity yet. I understand that not everyone is good enough with the opposite sex to have a relationship early on, but why is it always the female teacher? It is one of those japanese stereotype I just don’t really understand, one of many.


Who's your daddy?

But Atsushi’s teacher is even worse since she doesn’t seem to be able to handle even seeing Atsushi without running away in terror. There is always a limit on how scared and awkward you go be.


Still, this episode was fun, I like Atsushi 10 times more than Atsumi, he makes everything around him much more awkward and he is something new.


ZeroG signing off


Myst’s Impression

I swear, Atsushi makes this show so incredibly hilarious!!!

Honestly, the teacher’s reaction to this action was as hilarious as the actual act. She was so innocent and sweet, and yet she has to endure the fact that even though she’s scared of men she has to endure one that’s right in front of her face everyday K, honestly at this point he’s a man, regardless of his age. I mean, look at that body… It’s nice… Very nice… Oops, sorry, got carried away whistles. Heck, even if she wasn’t scared of men she’d probably act in the same way as she does now, considering he’s a very good-looking man kid in 5th grade, should I remind myselfahem I mean you guys.I also enjoyed greatly Atsushi being called Dad in this episode, as well as his “I couldn’t protect the girl I like!” shouted at the end of the episode.

I’m glad to have the good humour back in this episode, the last 2 were only average, and yet for this one I couldn’t stop laughing the whole way through and I’m back to really liking this. Hopefully Atsumi can redeem herself soon!

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