Rinne no Lagrange Ep 1: Hi, meet your robot! [First Impression]

Madoka a positive athletic girl who enjoys helping people out finds herself requested to ride a robot by a alien named Lan who claims that her role is to protect her and the robot.

Eva’s First Impression:
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my god, that was freaking hilarious!
Lets get this straight, you can’t take this show too seriously, because they broke any serious moments with a slap of humor.
Our heroine Madoka is awesome. She’s athletic, badass and has such a positive mindset! I was pretty amused with how she’s like, “An Alien?! Oh cool okay, I’m gonna ride this thing!” Then a few minutes later while in combat,   “Hmm what about manual mode- OH COOL KENDO STYLE- NOW HOW ABOUT WRESTING- 1, 2, 3!
Lan is an interesting characters. She actually reminds me more of an android than an Alien, and I’m curious to see how her relationship with Madoka will develop. She claimed that she has been ordered by L’Egalité to protect her and the robot.
The animation is gorgeous!  The OP was absolutely stunning! I loved the vibrant colours and the sequences, not to mention the song was also enjoyable to listen to as well. I’m surprisingly satisfied with the CG of the robots. I’m pretty darn sure that Tiger & Bunny helped improve my tolerance towards CG, as well as Guilty Crown (who is also produced by Production I.G). I’m actually somewhat surprised to see the fanservice shots because I honestly didn’t think this would be the type of show to focus or have too much of that. By the look of it, there’ll be plenty more in the future.
Overall this looks fairly interesting. We didn’t really get much about the plot today but even so I’m not too certain whether this is something I’ll be able to write about. I’ll give this a few episodes before confirming unless someone else on the team wants to cover it or share.
Now quick, someone kick me for thinking about the potential romance with the enemies.
Possibility of Blogging: Likely, but I’m uncertain whether this is something that I’ll be able write about.
Possibility of Watching: Guaranteed
PS: There’s already a sequel/continuation confirmed which will be airing in July
Kat’s First Impression:
Robots! Aliens! Lasers, missiles, fires, explosions! More robots! Now this is what I call a Mecha.
The episode started off rather slow, in a school setting, but towards the second half it really kicked off. I had really high hopes for this anime when I first read about it, and it proved to fulfill my expectations! (Which is rare, because I usually hold pretty high expectations for things).
Despite being a mecha anime, the writers were able to incorporate some comedy into the show as well. When I saw that this show was both mecha and comedy combined, I was skeptical–two completely different genres in one show? Well, the writers of Rinne no Lagrange did a great job of integrating humor into a giant fighting robot anime. I was very pleased with this.
The first episode barely explained much at all about the plot; there’s no hinting of which direction this show will go in. With that said, it just makes me eager to watch more and find out. All we know so far is that Lan, an alien (a hot alien at that) has chosen Madoka, the main character, to pilot a legendary robot. Neat! This robot has an amazing design. As an avid mecha fan, I can say that I was pleased with the design and detail of the machine. In addition, the action scenes in this first episode were also satisfactory.
Overall, a great start. I’m so excited to see where this show goes!
Possibility of Blogging: Yes!
Possibility of Watching: Yes!
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