Senki Zesshou Symphogear Ep 2: Welcomed and Unwelcomed

Hibki awakens her power that turns out to be from Kanade’s leftover pieces of shrapnels that had pierced Hibiki’s heart and required an operation. She is taken back to Mobile Diaster Response Corps 2nd Division HQ where she is given an explanation and recruited to join their operation. Hibiki enthusiastically agrees, but Tsubasa on the other hand is completely against and and despises her.

So… unfortunately for us, Hibiki did not go batshit insane like we thought she would. Last week’s cliffhanger was incredibly misleading.

It appears that my theory from last week wasn’t too far off about  Kanade being a part of Hibiki, the only difference is that a scattering shrapnel had narrowly missed Hibiki’s heart is the fragments of the Third Relic, Gungnir which Kanade had. But I certainly wasn’t expecting the source of their power to be from relics (which is then triggered by songs they sing).
This episode was pretty awesome. I wasn’t surprised one bit about Tsubasa’s hatred towards Hibiki and how she doesn’t want to team up with her. Besides with the whole hate thing going on, Tsubasa was so freaking cool this episode. She’s so badass!!!

Then there’s this ‘Oh snap!’ because Tsubasa isn’t happy and now she’s challenging Hibiki!!! GO TSUBASA GO! Seriously Hibiki, you can’t go on and say while smiling non-stop, “I KNOW I PROBABLY GOTTEN IN YOUR WAY BUT I’LL KEEP WORKING HARD!” and expect a good reaction!!!

Speaking of Hibiki, I find she’s taking this whole “I CAN FIGHT WITH THIS POWER TO PROTECT OTHERS!!111” wayyyyy too lightly (much like Sayaka’s flaw in Mahou Shoujo Madoka). She’s smiling away non-stop and doesn’t seem to be able to read the mood right that she’s not yet accepted by Tsubasa (maybe this fight will give her a reality check).
I do wonder how long it’s going to take for Tsubasa to finally accept Hibiki. This show only has thirteen episodes so they better get a move on at some point- otherwise maybe it’ll be because of their poor teamwork and Hibiki’s lack of experience (besides the possibility of sacrificing herself much like Kanade did) that will be the cause for Hibiki’s expected death.

Finally, if it isn’t already obvious enough, Miku totally has a crush/likes Hibiki more than a friend (it might be possible that Hibiki too shares the same feelings). Even though this show’s genre/theme doesn’t say anything about Shoujo Ai or Yuri, I wouldn’t be surprised to see it happen. It was quick of Miku to already frustrated with the fact Hibiki hiding secrets (which she cannot reveal).
Oh yeah and one last thing! The Opening was really fabulous, the visuals were appealing and it reveals what look to be more Valkyries who possess a similar power. I wonder if Genjurou is referring to different organizations/divisions part of their league (or outsides like he said, internationally or whatever) and hearing about  it makes me wonder if those Valkyries which I just mentioned are part of those teams (or perhaps possibly the cause of the production of the noise (they have to come from somewhere don’t they?!?!)
On the extra note: It looks like it’s going to take a while before I get used to the whole singing and fighting at the same time concept- I can’t help but find it really weird hahahaha.
Next week I’ll definitely be looking forward to (if it does proceed) Tsubasa VS Hibiki. Honestly speaking, I think Tsubasa will do whatever it takes to kill her right there on the spot.


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  1. I find the singing and fighting at the same time so badass xD I had almost forgotten the reason I liked this show so much, then when Tsubasa started fighting I was like: OMG, this show is SO COOL.
    Also, Spiderman/Stan Lee reference with the “great power = great responsibility” thing xDD

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