Senki Zesshou Symphogear Ep 3: Yay Hibiki goes Berserk for 30 Seconds!!!!

It’s been a month since the arguement between Hibiki and Kanade and they are still not working together. In the mean time, Hibiki struggles to accommodate her schedule with her usual daily life and is constantly forced to bail out on plans.

Annnndd, we did not get to see a fight between Tsubasa and Hibiki.
BOOO. Come on! That would’ve been fun to watch!
Well at least we got to see that Genjurou has power himself, and basically stopped Tsubasa’s attack, ruined his favourite new, expensive shoes. I would definitely like to see him fight in the future.
This episode we learned about Durandal which has a handful of completed collections of relic fragments which is below their base called the Abyss and that there’s people and countries trying to get their hands on it  They also mention that because of the Abyss beneath them it puts them in a dangerous situation and that the enemy is intentionally attacking them with Noise and is the cause for the rare outbreaks. So basically, their city is in the middle of a battlefield and rests over the Abyss. So if the enemy decides to go all out, will shit will get real again. Genjurou mentioned about Tsubasa singing a particular song, but they need to have permission from the government first. I do wonder how this song will influence the relics or the Noise and how big of an impact it will be.
Then at the end we were introduced the Nehushtan armour. We don’t know what this means, how the hell they got their hands on it, but it looks like this person here might be the enemy, and the stone Nehushtan might actually be the cause for triggering all the Noise in the first place. Which immediately makes me suspicious of Ryoko because she was working with them and experimenting or whatever with the thing during Kanade’s last performance with Tsubasa. Right now she’s the first person in my suspect list until we meet various more characters and find out who the hell this new person is.
Hibiki really needs to stop saying, “I’ll do my best to REPLACE Kanade.”
She fails to understand why Tsuabasa can’t accept her and is frustrated with the way she acts. First of she needs to stop saying the taboo word of ‘REPLACE’. You can’t replace somebody who died, the only thing you can do is fill in that gap but while doing so, be yourself. She has to come into terms with herself and find her own reasons to be fighting, and use those reasons that mean a lot to her to become stronger and strive to survive and get the mission accomplished. Right now, as Tsubasa said so herself- Hibiki is not taking this seriously enough, and it’s painful for her because that stupid girl is being completely oblivious to her feelings and not considering the consequences of saying that word over and over and over again. Worse of all, Tsubasa blames herself for being weak, so there’s no way she’s going to accept a ‘weakling’ to work alongside with.
Even though Hibiki says she has people she wants to protect, I still feel she’s half-hearted about this deep inside, which leads me to speculate that this is what triggered her ‘Berserk’ Mode. This is something which we were expecting to see in episode 2 after ep 1’s cliffhanger. The reason I say this is because she’s getting frustrated that she has to set fighting Noise as the priority in her life rather than being able to put her friend first and is forced to bail out of planned activities. It’s more like, “#@%8 THIS SHIT, I DON’T WANT TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIS ANYMORE! I WOULD’VE HAVE COMMITTED MYSELF IF I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO BE SO TIME CONSUMING!”
Overall decent episode, the plot is kicking in and we’re starting to learn more about their current situation. The animation on the other hand… Yeah, let me tell you about that. At [13:46 – 13:57] you will see absolutely horrendous animation. Not once, ever, have I ever seen since a bad flow of sequences in my life. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The general animation this episode wasn’t’ terrible, but it certainly wasn’t top notch. I hope to never see that [13:46 – 13:57] mishap again because that would suck, big time.


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