Shakugan no Shana III Episode 15: Forced Retreat


What is left of the Flame Haze army begin to think of a proper retreat plan, using the Tendou-kyu as a point of safety. Centerhill manages to break Haborym’s unrestricted spell with his own, which makes rain fall on the battlefield and greenery sprout from defeated enemies. Shana and Wilhelmina fight Sydonay as he blocks their escape route, wondering about their erratic attacks and movements. Just as he thinks he’s located the Tendou-kyu, Margery appears and seals him in a huge unrestricted spell, only to have him break out moments later and Centerhill is forced to sacrifice himself to hold him off as Chiara rescues the other Flame Hazes. The defeated army end up hiding themselves in an unrestricted spell among Centerhill’s greenery, as Yuuji begins stabilizing his real body.


Looking back, it was the Flame Haze army that had initially ambushed the Tomogara at the Seireiden, but even with the element of surprise, after all this they still suffer a miserable defeat and too many losses. Blame it on Yuuji’s pep talk that ended up demoralizing the entire army T_T It was such a pity that the General Samuel ended up dying after six bloody centuries of fighting Tomogara, and I did find it a bit cruel that his contractor just upped and left him right as he was about to die, even though I know that’s the way things are.

Centerhill’s death was pretty unexpected too, you’d think that as one of four “Gods” he’d be much stronger than someone like Sydonay, who seemed far too overpowered. Margery alone could handle him back in S1, but now it takes 4 Flame Hazes to just hold him off? Margery’s epic comeback was epic though, I actually thought they were done for when Sydonay went into a second transformation. Then Chiara wooshes in with her drunk friend and manages to rescue everyone. Haha, she was fun xD I wish we could have gotten to know people like Samuel better, since it seems a bit quick that they end up dead, while so far everyone that’s died have just been random generic Flame Hazes.

It really was a horrific defeat, with no important vaguely Tomogara dying apart from Sabrac and Fecor. Oh, and that supreme commander fish. Decarabia I think, the one that was pwned by Sophie? None of the Trinity, which was probably why Yuuji brought them with him into the Divine Gate in the first place. Haborym is still alive, even though he practically did nothing except stand there. And when did the battlefield move from the Seireiden to some random plain waste of land? Tendou-kyu in that little unrestricted spell ball reminds me of something out of Zelda, I’m not quite sure why.

Bishie Yuuji was once again bishie. Centerhill did imply that Yuuji’s hiding something about creating Xanadu, since technically the Tomogara would go on to just ruin the new, innocent world that Yuuji will create, and they don’t seem too happy with that. Also we see Chigusa and Pheles make a proper comeback next week (hopefully not in a flashback). Maybe Pheles gets summoned? That would be nice – we won’t have to hear Yoshida’s shrill fangirl screaming over the new bishie Yuuji.

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