The time for the Pope’s ceremony has arrived, and many plebians and mages turn up to the first day of the event. As Joseph and Sheffield oversee the creation of three weird orbs with elf magic, the members of Gallia’s knight army from last time turn up, this time succeeding in their objective of capturing Louise and taking her across the border. As Saito and the others think of what to do, the Pope informs them that Gallia’s army is heading towards Romania, which means they are planning to invade.


No time for any fillers it seems! Similar to the turn that Shana III (Final) has taken, this seemingly looming war means that we’ll definitely have episode after episode of plot, which can only be a good thing. As speculated last week, it seems that King Joseph has no intention of joining up with the Pope, and is fully intent on taking control of Romania – or blasting it up, if those fire orbs have anything to do with it. He did ask how much land it can blow up after all. I think the elf that kidnapped Tabitha last week finally had a change of heart and now has to be blackmailed into making bombs for Joseph. Yeah…really redeeming yourself there. Actually he might have been semi-good all along, but I’m not about to wade through that mess of a Season 3 to find out his already unclear alleigance.

That Pope either has a really good poker face, or is naturally calm. Either way, he’s definitely hiding more than he shows, since it was almost like he expected Gallia to suddenly invade o.O An all-out war would be nice, we could see the Pope bust out some of his Void magic against Joseph’s Elf + Void combo. Wait, wouldn’t that technically make Tiffa pretty strong? Though she’s gone back to her “kiss me Saito-san” for now, so we’ll have to give it a few episodes to find out whether Saito really is a double familiar or not. LMAO, I doubt he would mind either way though xD

The villains from last time made a comeback to both kidnap Louise and get revenge on Saito. Damn, now I have to go and learn their names T_T At least they’re mildly interesting this time, that last guy was a bit stereotypical. Anyway, the girl Janette has a Louise fetish, while Ichimaru Gin Lulu (LOL, Lelouch?) specializes in swordplay and seems to be quite a challenge for Saito. I found the battle to be a bit too short, similar to how I found Louise to be far too easily trusting of random strangers that walk up to you and take you to a dodgy location. Rule: if they have a defining feature or unusual hair colour, they’re most likely more than just a background person. I guess Louise is best at being the damsel in distress after all.

My interest has been held so far, so whatever J.C. Staff are doing, they’re doing it right. Amongst all the seriousness I love how there’s a good helping of Tiffa’s boobs ecchi and fanservice, especially that priceless deredere Lemon-chan moment xD Moe, moe kyun!~