Amagami SS+ plus Episode 5: Christmas Eve Redux

Junichi x Ai forever. No-one can argue with that.


One year has passed since the last Founder’s Festival, and Christmas for Ai and Junichi is fast approaching once more. With Junichi now a senior, studying is now a priority for him if he wants to get into a good university, and as Ai has become her Swim Club’s captain, both of them don’t have much free time to see each other. When Junichi tells Ai that his cram school has arranged a training camp for him and the other failing students, Ai realizes that this means their planned Christmas Eve date will have to be called off.


And I thought Junichi’s strange fetishes were lost forever! It seems to reincarnate itself in various forms with different girls, but he’s moved from kissing/licking Kaoru’s bellybutton and the back of Haruka’s knee to now sleeping in between Ai’s legs while she sings him a lullaby. I can’t really blame him for asking, but I was more amused by the fact that Ai’s problem with doing it was whether someone would see them, instead of the fact that Junichi shouldn’t be asking her such a perverted question. Of course, that heavily implied sex at the end of her original arc would mean that something like this should be easily done. I would have liked more fanservice (seeing as we got so much Tsukasa love) but nekkid Ai-chan is a start at least.

I guess the pool scene could be counted as fanservice as well, with Ai, Miya and a bunch of other background girls in swimsuits. Apparently they show enough PDA so that more or less everyone knows that Ai and Junichi are going out, and they even notice that Ai keeps looking towards the entrance, as if waiting for him to come and peek on her. Hahaha, so it’s not just Tsukasa that’s got a tsundere side after all. Though I don’t know what Miya’s going at by Junichi looking at other girls, would that imply that he’s looking at her as well? Wrong arc, nishishi~ On a side note, we’d better get a Miya OVA just like with the original series.

As we’ve seen with both Tsukasa and Rihoko’s arcs, something has to throw a spanner in the works that could potentially threaten Junichi’s relationship (or with Rihoko, stop it from ever happening). You gotta love Miya’s earnest look when she told Ai that her Nii-ni has been taken away by shady people in a random white truck. This whole cram school thing seems a bit abrupt, and it really was just some shitty luck that broke apart Ai and Junichi for the Christmas. If it was a four-ep arc I can almost guarantee some slut being at the training camp to lure away Junichi, but let’s just hope for the hot make-up sex with Ai instead.

I can’t believe the next ep is already the last for our kawaii swimmer ;_; I’d better be compensated with some ecchi and pretty scenes, or I’ll rage as hard as the Rihoko fans did back when she never got her happy ending.


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