Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 5: Cue to Drama, Take 1!

It’s summer and it’s the gang is finally able to start filming! Remon decides the script will be made on the day of and stars Ichika as the Heroine who is an alien! Tetsurou is starred as the love interest- only to change his character into the Men in Black, and kills his character off so that Kaito can take his place. However as the filming progresses, jealousy flares and things start to get frustrating for Kanna and Mio to watch. The next day the filming is canceled due to the rain and Kanna embraces the opportunity to see Kaito… only to wound up as a third-wheel while hanging out at his place for lunch. After receiving a call from Mio, Tetsurou meets up with her afterwards and the two talk and Tetsurou encourages Kanna to confess to Kaito, but she gets angry saying that he wouldn’t understand. Feeling guilty for her response she apologizes and makes up her mind that she will confess. Later in the evening Tetsurou goes to Kaito’s place and climbs in from his balcony, within a heartbeat he reveals to Kaito that Kanna is in love with him- to make matters worse, Ichika happens to overhear them.

The drama really came like… I don’t know how to describe it, but it even though we were expecting it- it happened in a split second.
It broke my heart to see Kanna treated as a third-wheel and getting frustrated with herself for her actions, triggered by her jealousy. Then my heart shattered all over again when Tetsurou was hear Kanna out and cheering her on. I wasn’t expecting Tetsurou to boldly go up to Kaito and tell him that Kanna is in love with him. Oh my god, I felt his pain. He filmed it to conceal his own frustrated feelings of having to tell the truth.
I’m actually having a bit of second thoughts about who Mio may like. In fact, I think there’s a possibility that Mio likes Kanna. I noticed that this is the third or second time that makes it difficult for us to figure out who was it that she felt upset about and ended up ‘pinching’ Lemon’s shoulders while massaging them. I don’t want to be bias and assume that everyone is straight. So I can’t ignore the possibility that Mio may possibly like Kanna as well. But there’s one thing we know for sure: There’s a love Pentagon going on here.
Now that Ichika happened to overhear the truth about Kanna’s feelings, I imagine she’s going to try and distance herself from Kaito since she knows that she will be leaving soon and think by getting into a relationship with Kaito might be selfish of her. Man everyone’s emotions are going to be thrown into chaos real soon. Brace yourselves, we’re in for a dramatic ride. I wonder if a bitch-fight will happen… girls can get really scary when they get jealous…>_>;;;
Surely Remon understands the situation and knows what’s going on- which is precisely why she is writing the script on the day of filming. She knows so god damn well that this would be a perfect drama for a movie, and even more so since it’s natural behaviour. I’m also convinced that she knows the truth and isn’t human or she’s a genius that can read minds.
Overall this episode was great and it was the perfect way to kick off the drama.With secrets about how one feels towards each other emerging, and jealousy on the rise, what will be in stored for their future?


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  1. Man, Tetsurou is gonna be in big trouble when Kanna finds out. You don’t go out and tell the love interest about the crush, it’s just not the done thing! I hope he plays it off as a joke or a script and is just planting the seeds, otherwise, things are gonna get messy. With Ichika eavesdropping like that, things are gonna be messy enough as it is.
    As for Remon, my guess is that she is a 31 year old MIB agent investigating high schools for illegal space alien teenagers. Or something.

  2. Lol I found something, i was thinking about the timeline from the series, but this guy was doing his homework.
    Someone of Japanese Otaku said: Probably, Historical backdrop is the bygone days.
    Because, No Mobile phone, Old Black phone at Kanna’s house, Cordless phone at Mio & Tetsuro’s house, etc.
    And Movie Location Place, Name is 懐古園(kaiko-en komoro-city Nagano-Prefecture in JAPAN).
    The meaning of the name is Park of look back on the past.
    Japanese source
    And Remon-Senpai is so mysterious girl…
    Her 8mm movie camera is…Only lens…over ten thousand Euro!! XD
    Excuse me, but…Who the devil was that? Remon-Senpai
    Japanese source
    “Remon” is lemon.(Remon is Romanization of Japanese name)
    “Senpai” is one of the honorific to senior student.
    “Ichika” reminds One Summer.(same as Infinite Stratos hero)
    “Kaito” is Sea Man. XD
    I think…It’s so beautiful to be thoughtful of others.(even unrequited love)
    Kanna’s voice actor “Kaori Ishihara”(石原夏織) is so cute girl. ^^
    (also Madoka Kyouno’s voice in Rinne no Lagrange)
    She is 18 years old now. (wow)
    Kaori Ishihara’s Blog (Japanese)
    TV Program she appeared.(sorry, this is Japanese too)

    Please attention,
    Deliberately, I cut the link.
    It’s a rude link.(bad language etc..)”-Sakumasiki

    1. Yeah camera lens are NOT cheap, the minute i saw the saw of them I was like, “WTF SHE MUST BE RICH OR HER FAMILY IS INVOLVED WITH DISTRIBUTING FILM EQUIPMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!”

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