Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 7: Confessions & Heartbreaks~nya

Tetsurou and Mio make a run for to hide from Chiharu only to later be caught. Chiharu starts yapping how Mio is an exhibitionist and before she could continue anymore, Mio musters up the courage to clear the misunderstanding. After Tetsurou helps her get back onto her feet and assure her there’s nothing to worry about, Mio decides to confess to Tetsurou. Meanwhile, Kaori clear things up with Ichika who finally comes into terms and accepts her feelings she holds towards Kaito.

Whoops this is super late
Oh my gosh! Love is in the air! I can’t get enough- I was squealing so much and oh gosh, I’m rooting for Mio so much, I really do hope that Tetsurou would accept her confession, but first he needs to come into terms with his feelings towards Kanna and decide whether he should move on or not.
So it turns out that Mio’s family happen to be ‘nudist’ and it was only in Elementary when Mio realized that what her family was doing, was not normal and has been struggling to break the habit. I have to give her so much credit and respect for revealing the truth to clear up the misunderstanding when Chiharu was bitching at her and called her an exhibitionist which was completely out of line! (And she’s totally insane!)
I also want to hug Mio for mustering up the courage to confess to Tetsurou. <3 <3 <3
It was hilarious to see Remon make Kanna drunk and have her dress up in different outfits. She also recorded everything Kanna was saying and made her confess. When Kanna was all ‘nya~’ and interrupted Ichika’s and Kaito’s kiss, it was absolutely priceless. I think she should be grateful that she had no idea what had happened, and I hope she doesn’t remember- otherwise that will hurt her a lot. I mean to witness your crush just about to kiss another girl, ouch…
Somehow I have a feeling if anyone besides the ones who have confessed are going to learn the truths behind their dramatic summer that they may have been oblivious when they watch the film after it’s finally properly put together. That would be quite dramatic…
Overall this was a great episode and it looks like a threat is coming since Rinon is freaking out and we saw something coming from space. I’m curious to see what kind of impact this will have on everyone and how it will be connected to Ichika’s home planet.


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  1. in the future mio is more willing to go naked in public after a experince with her new boyfriend. she decides not to wear any clothes at all anymore until she dies but keeps a giant stuffed teddy panda or bear to cover herself.

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