Area no Kishi Ep 6: SC VS FC

It’s the day of the crucial match between the SC and FC to determine who will represent their school’s team! The FC play strong and hard but the competition against SC is crucial and they are left with several disadvantages such as heights and physically strong players. However despite the mistakes Kakeru makes, he manages to put his brother’s wisdom into use and score the first goal for the FC!

Oh my gosh, the last time I was this excited for a soccer anime was Hungry Heart Wild Striker which I’ve watched I think about three or four years ago. The best part was that everything about the episode was so nostalgic for me that it made such an impact. As a soccer player I played every position on the field- including the Goal Keeper (where I ended up injured the most because of my reckless saves), so I know what it feels like to play these positions and I was able to relate to the players’ struggles and mistakes. The minute Kakeru was all, “I have to make up for it” and didn’t pass, I was screaming at the screen, “YOU IDIOT! PASS!!!” It’s a mistake we all make at least once as soon as we take it personally.
When Kakera made that save (preventing the ball from rolling into the net), I jumped out of my seat because the first thing it reminded me was that one time I did that crazy save just like that!!! I swear those saves are what you take a lot of pride in because it’s all about getting there on time or being at the right place, at the right time.
I had a feeling at some point during this episode that Kouta would actually quit the SC team and say, “YO I’M JOINING THE FC ‘KAY?”. Sure enough he did, but I was super amused how he actually owned some of his ‘old’ team-mates from SC. He’s a strong player, if he does his job properly.
Seeing Araki perfectly in shape, what can I say? I KNEW IT! So he must’ve been wearing props or something because it’s IMPOSSIBLE to lose all that fat within 24 hours. I’m really looking forward to seeing the King and the Knight (Kakeru) create an epic pass! Gosh I’m so excited! NEXT EPISODE PLEASE!!!!!
Overall this episode made me so pumped up and excited, it really made me snap out of my ‘oh-i’m-so-sick-errrkkk-i-don’t-feel-well’ mood which I really needed!!!!


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