Black★Rock Shooter Episode 4 – Under the Crying Sky

Question: If you were left behind by friends, how would you react?

Answer: Pull on your veil, sharpen your scythe, and

prepare to fight. イエ━━ヽ(★´д`)ノ━━イ!!


Kagari decides to go to school, and the positions of the characters are reversed- now it’s Takanashi that’s the yandere personality and can’t seem to deal with others. Being chosen last as a friend, not having Kagari to rely on her for care, she starts losing her mind. Deadmaster, in reaction to this, builds a tower of chains and steps out in her lime green heels to take on Black★Rock Shooter. Strength makes her first appearance in the show, tossing Chariot’s disassembled body into the void; Black★Gold Saw might really actually be Kohata?!


This is the Takanashi episode! doki doki (´ω`) She goes from this:


to this!


The thing about Black★Rock Shooter is that it seems to take the friendship theme a little too seriously, BUT IT’S ACTUALLY IS HITTING THE RIGHT CORDS. But that’s the beauty of it, because it touches on the things that we have felt in the past, and just blows it up to a larger scale, where characters have alter-egos that duke it out in an alternate space.

So Far, I’ve enjoyed the yandere side of Kagari, and now that’s she’s normal, she’s actually quite popular with the girls at school. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that she knows how to deal with people that cling too hard. In this case, this means Takanashi.

Takanashi is still without what people define as a best friend. Kuroi has Yuu, and now the formerly helpless Kagari has many friends, and doesn’t need Takanashi anymore. The depression that she spirals into has Deadmaster becoming the fight instigator, rather than being “forced” into it last time.

And what’s with the cupboard of mugs that Irino-sensei has? There’s a mug for every student that has a problem, and she says the magic words that trigger the downward spiral for Takanashi, much like what happened to Kohata last episode. I’m still not convinced that Irino-sensei is Black★Gold Saw, since they purposely zoomed into Kohata’s eyes this episode, and they match the red that would go with BGS.

That scene in the rain…so much DRAMA! Ever had a time where you thought you had a best friend, and they chose someone else over you to go somewhere special? Heard there was a party with your friends at it, but only you weren’t invited? The friend that you just made went and found another friend to spend their time with?

Kohata, Kohata. The shock from last time triggered something- memory loss? Defensive mechanism? The boy she likes tries to return her affection, but it’s much, much too late. She shuts down, locks up, and leaves the guy hanging. Which is deserved, to a certain extent. But I hope it gets resolved.

It’s like that. It’s not Kagari that’s in the wrong, because after all, all she’s doing is trying to get Takanashi to be…less stalkerish? I guess this is the mentality of someone that knows someone likes them, and inadvertently encourages the affection while trying to get rid of it. For Takanashi…so this is how it feels like to be crushed by the weight of your own tears. You feel for all the characters in the show, no matter ho’s fighting who, because they have problems we all have had at one point or another. No other drama or issue explored, just friendship, which is good enough to run a show on. Well, along with pretty fight scenes.

ARGGHHHH!! It took so long, but I’m finally at the final fight part! So exciting, that the chains all morphed into a skull hill. A lightning bolt strikes the hill, and out steps Deadmaster! The fight we’ve been waiting for. Did I mention her veil is really cute? And the bows on her capris? ヽ(´ー`)ノ OK, it sounds really superficial to comment on the Other World like this, but I can’t help but NOT appreciate the eye candy. Hurry up Strength, I want to see you in action!

Deadmaster steps out to take on BRS! Kirei~

You can fight me on this, but this has been the best episode yet in terms of drama and strong characterization, second only to the Kagari episode. Though, what some people call the “yandere” character card might just be normal emotional breakdowns. Normal being relative.

Six more days until the next episode!! Four more episodes! ;A;


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