No more Mr.NiceGuy


This is exactly what I always hoped would happen, Ginjo was the real enemy all along. He used Tsukishima to become someone friendly, this way he would be able to fool Ichigo and manipulate him even better. I always found fishy that everyone at Xcution would want to lose their power, while Jackie looked to really hate her power, everyone else didn’t seem to complain too much, in fact they all seemed to love their power. The characters make way more sense now.


With this Fullbring, screw fighting, I would run around and punch everything possible in a casino

I love Ginjo much more with an evil grin on his face, he is such an incredibly awesome villain, way more interesting than the caring Ginjo we saw before. No one ever really want to lose power, unless out of fear, everyone wants to gain more. They want the power to protect, the power to conquer, the power to find happiness. Now that Ichigo is complete, he has tremendous power and if all this power was to fall in Ginjo’s hand, only the real Shinigami Ichigo could possibly defeat him.


Srsbsnss tiem

In other news, Ishida has finally arrived to the rescue to reveal the truth among all those lies. Ichigo lost Ginjo as an ally, but he now has Ishida. With Ishida on Ichigo’s side, maybe they will be able to get Chad and Inoue out of this fight, if they manage to do it, they will get a chance to win this. But Ichigo might very well have just lost all his new-found Fullbring power to Ginjo, he might very well be next to useless in term of power right now and while Ishida is strong, he is no match against Ginjo or Tsukishima. The other option for Ichigo to win this fight is Rukia, Isshin and Kisuke who should arrive to help Ichigo soon enough.

Looks like Ichigo is one step closer to regain his former powers

After all they sure are taking their sweet time, we saw them just about ready and on the move about 3 or 4 episodes ago, while I’m still uncertain as to what they planned to do, they will most likely be on Ichigo’s side. Still, will Ichigo keep his power or will he lose it all once again? I’m not sure I would like for Ichigo to become completely useless once again, I would prefer to see him get more powerful once again. After all, the fun part of Bleach is to see just how strong the characters can become, so if after each arc a reset button is pressed and Ichigo become useless again, it will all be incredibly boring really quickly.


Just missing a cigar and he would look exactly like Crocodile from One Piece


I liked this episode, there was a good twist, even if predictable, and there was much action and new abilities discovered and I sure love discoveries. Now I wonder how things will turn out in the coming episodes, there are so many possibilities, things could go very wrong for either side at this point.


ZeroG signing off