Bleach 361: Revival



Finally, after waiting so long Ichigo has finally regained his power, I don’t know if it is because of the training to develop his fullbring or if he simply regained too much spiritual pressure at once, but he sure packs a punch now. With a single sword swing he was able to deal more damage than he did with his fullbring. It seems like he still has the strength he used to back before he used his final getsuga tensho and that strength is simply unbelievable. When he used his getsuga tensho at the end he cut down the house in two and he cleared the whole sky. I hope he regained his spiritual pressure completely and that he’s able to detect other spiritual pressure well, because he could have easily killed his whole family with his little show off move, they were in that mansion after all. But a better point might be that, unless the other Xcution member actually knew what they were doing, they are now completely vaporized. To be honest I highly doubt that any of them died, not without a fight at least, but it would be a little anti-climatic to see them all die so easily.


I sure hope it is to be continued, for once that I actually want to see what is coming next !

At this point, Ichigo’s victory is assured, since there is no way that Kenpachi could ever be defeated no matter how many or how strong the opponents. The question that remain is : how fast and easily will they win? Obviously Ginjo has not shown his full power yet, Ichigo would never face off an opponent that cannot fight back. But at the same time I doubt that Ginjo could match Ichigo no matter how strong his hidden power is. Ichigo has not even released his bankai yet and he could destroy the whole city in less than 2 minutes, even if he was to fight Xcution all by himself, he could probably manage just fine.


They opened way too many gates for only 5 people

Earlier in the episode I was quite disappointed in Ichigo, I was not expecting him to start crying like an emo teenage boy who starts hating his life because there was no desert left at the cafeteria. I’m glad Rukia slapped him for that, but at the same time I just hate it when they need to have such comedy relief element to ruin the mood, Why do they need that? would it really be that bad if the show was awesome and serious for a full episode?


Cry more emo oranged-haired boy

I’m not sure if I liked the recap of everything that happened at the beginning of the episode. Yes it was from a different point of view, but it ain’t like we had not figured it out yet. I knew from the very beginning that something fishy was going on and I was not surprised in the least to know that Tsukishima and Ginjo were working together from the beginning. So it just seemed like a pointless repetition to me, but still, I guess it was not that bad since it helped us remember the chain of event that lead to the betrayal.


It was a great episode and I’m really looking forward to the conclusion of this arc, I’m sure it will be plenty epic.


ZeroG signing off.

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