Hellsing Ultimate Episode 9 OVA: Alucard vs. Walter

It’s war, let’s fight, let’s rip each others’ guts out~~~ Oh Hellsing, how I missed you 🙂

Warning: Contains gore


After a short scene which involves the Major and his devilish plan, we are finally back to last episode’s cliffhanger: IS ALUCARD REALLY DEAD OR NOT?!?!?!
We’ll get to know… After we view all the flashbacks. In fact, it turns out that, as a kid, he used to get sexually assaulted and that’s how he became a psychotic killer who impaled everyone. He then turned a vampire, and… that’s all we’ll get to know for now, because he then wakes up in the present world, where Seras calls out his name like crazy and tries to stop Anderson from murdering her Master. She kinda fails a lot, until Alucard wakes up and kicks the hell out of Anderson’s ass in a second and a half It’s Alucard, what were you thinking? That he was actually going to die? PFFT. After a small moment where our favourite vampire feels a tad lonely and sinful because he is a monster, Anderson cheers him up in his last seconds, then disappears, leaving Alucard alone in his immortality Well that’s not something you hear every day… I’d feel sad… But then I remembered the millions of people he murdered.
We barely have any time to rejoice or feel any pity however, because as soon as Anderson disappears, it is time for Walter to enter the scene, as a vampire and an enemy, telling everyone how much of a traitor he is. Integra then tells Alucard to “Search and Destroy” again, this time with the meaning: Kick that fucking traitor’s ass right now which I definitely agree with, and in the end the Major comes down and tells Integra to come inside the air cruiser, which she does, accompanied by Seras.
Walter and Alucard begin to fight, and Walter seems to be the dominating hand for a long time, until he starts coughing up blood and limpering, which causes Alucard to regain an advantage. It is then that the episode ends, as both enemies suddenly go back to being children, and are about to enter the final stage of their battle.
Before I start going on about anything else, let me just mention this: That wasn’t such a long wait 🙂 Heck, only 6 months? I was expecting another 2 years out of this one sigh I’m not gonna complain though definitely not.
But anyways, on to this episode. Seriously, WHERE THE HELL SHOULD I START?! Every time I begin to watch the latest release, I kind of wonder why this show has been my in my favourites for so long, despite having to wait a really long time for the episodes every single time. It’s only after I’ve finished the episode that I remember the reason… And that I wish for the next episode to be out already.
I must say, I wasn’t really surprised when I saw Alucard coming back to life in the beginning. Alucard never dies. Ever. Somehow, I wish he wouldn’t have regenerated this time, if only to surprise everyone and prove them that he can actually die. In the end though, I regret nothing. If Anderson would’ve killed Alucard, what would have Walter done?50 years of betraying all for naught… The idea is kinda funny, I must admit. Moreover, I thought it nice to see a little bit of a sad Alucard in the beginning as well. Hey, being an immortal psychopath isn’t always fun… that sentence alone makes me giggle. I enjoyed witnessing a bit more of his background story as well. He may not be completely known to us yet, but he’s not so mysterious anymore :).
But let’s move on to the main topic. Walter is the most badass enemy on the planet, and Alucard is most definitely fit to be fighting this crazy bastard. To be honest, I knew Walter was now on the enemy’s side, but I would have never expected him to have been a traitor for 50 years. To wait this long, to prepare a plan this much and to do all this only in order to be able to defeat Alucard, it takes serious guts. I also enjoyed seeing Alucard’s diabolical smile as he spoke to Walter, telling him how much of a kid he still is.
I also really liked the flashback through Walter’s old days, which provided us with tons of screenshots from Hellsing the Dawn. For those who have yet to watch it, it is greatly recommended, and makes this episode 10 times better than it already was. Also, forget about what I said in my last review of it: “Walter can still find ways to be an awesome antihero and to stay on the good side.” Funny, ain’t it?I like the order in which this episode came out, which was right after the second episode of The Dawn, and which provided us with a lot more information we would not know otherwise. I was also really happy to see my sexy teen Walter so quickly again~ whaaaat looks away.

I also sure hope I'm not the only one who noticed that eye candy 🙂

So basically, with Seras and Integra inside the ship, with Anderson now dead and with Alucard fighting what seems to be one of his last battles, the series is coming to a close more than soon enough. Next episode should be the last, and it should prove to give us an amazing conclusion to this beautiful series. I’m especially looking forward to Seras’ next fight, because I have this amazing theory that it will be against Shrödinger, whom I love.

2 thoughts on “Hellsing Ultimate Episode 9 OVA: Alucard vs. Walter

  1. Hey Myst!
    I loved your review about the OVA.
    I had to say that there’s the manga out there which tells what would happen in the X Ova.
    You’ll not expect that ending, its AMAZING.

  2. Oh man, oh man!!! You got me all excited now!!!
    And I am aware that the manga is available, but I don’t like having things spoiled and so I didn’t read it 😛 The Dawn manga is still ongoing as well, once this is over I’ll have to hold myself back not to read anything!

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