High School DxD episode 6: Weirdo Love is best Love

This episode was so funny, after the epic and the ecchi of the previous episodes, this one was simply hilarious.



The one thing that bothers me though, is that Issei and Rias went outside to train at 5 a.m, and not only the sun was already out, the sky was blue and it seemed like it was closer to 5 p.m than 5 a.m. I’m not sure if there is a logical explanation, if I understood something wrong or if it is simply a mistake, but I was a little disturbed when I saw that.

On another note, I just love Issei’s parents. They are so cruel with their own son it is unbelievable. In the presence of two gorgeous girl they start explaining how their son is a huge pervert and he cannot be trusted, only to follow on about how they would have never believe their good for nothing son would ever have a bride, even less a child. All that, in front of their said child. They are simply amazing. No wonder Issei has some problem of self-esteem.

I also love how the contracts are all made by weirdo, but at the same time, it is kind of understandable, only a weirdo or someone truly evil would even think of summoning a demon to begin with. But a huge man who wants to become a magical girl and a girl who lives in a samurai armor suit? That was original and unexpected, this episode reminded me of Kore wa Zombie desu ka? so much, the same kind of absurd humour and fantasy, except with a lot more boobies.

But now the show seems to be changing direction a little, going from a ecchi/harem style to something more alike to a romance. I’m not sure if the show will ever really be a romance, but it sure is heading in that direction with this episode. Rias is obviously in love with Issei, too bad for her that Issei is more interested in boobs than love. But Rias has some interesting boobs of her own and she is quite daring, so if she plays her card right, she will be able to catch Issei in her net easily enough. Issei doesn’t seem interested in the least in love, the only thing that ever seem to matter to him is how cute and beautiful the girl he sees are. He would most likely go for any girl who even give him the smallest chance. At least he has a lot of choice in his new family, pretty girls are everywhere.

I’m curious to see where this show will be going, every episode seems to have a different focus, epic action, humour, ecchi and now romance? They all succeed surprisingly well no matter what style is approached, this show really is something else. Too bad for those who were expected a pure ecchi, but this show is a great all around show.

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