High School DxD episode 7: I choose you !

This was hilarious and I’m not talking about any scene in particular, it was overall completely hilarious.


To begin with, we have this silly tennis match where we see more panties than balls. I’m not even surprised that half the school boys ended up watching this upskirt show. I am always expecting ecchi in this show, but it was so overdone during that event that it was simply funny. What was even better was the following dodge ball match. I was expecting people to get hurt and for the gym to go down in flames, but I was not expecting that the ball would tear clothes off and burn it off too. The ecchi was so needless and there only because they can, it was funny. It was even better when innocent Asia wanted to see Issei’s junk to heal him, that girl is too innocent for her own good.


The B team has arrived

The next part of the show was not any less funny, The water spirit was so muscular I’m not sure if she had boobs or if it was only her chest muscles that expanded to give her some curves. I’m not surprised Issei didn’t want that, I understand that a pet doesn’t need to be beautiful so long as it is strong, but if you puke and hold on to your ass when you see it, it might not be the best match.


Issei should piss on Asia so everyone knows she is part of his territory

Last but not least, that slime pet was incredibly funny, random slime that falls from the sky and get rid of the clothes of the girls? I want that pet too ! I don’t care about strength or bravery if I can have a pet that makes every single girl around me lose their clothes. It was so sad that Issei couldn’t keep it, but it was simply too much how Issei was so in love with that pet. Issei’s perversion knows no bound. I understand how nice boobs and naked girls are attractive, but there is always a limit to how far you are willing to go to see them.


If you look closely enough you can see something poking out of the skirt

Anyway, this show is simply incredible, it reminds me more and more to Kore wa Zombie desu ka? It is way more ecchi but I feel like the jokes are similar and the theme is close too, High School DxD is simply a little less random. This episode was pointless, there was little to none story development, but there was still a little, we now know that Rias has health issues, we know that there are other demons clan in the school and now Asia even has a pet. That’s still some kind of progression, consider how much I laughed and the amount of ecchi that was present in this episode, it was really great. I don’t know if it is because of the boobs or if the show is legitimately good, but I sure love it and I am always looking forward to the next episode.


ZeroG signing off

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  1. That full length shot of Rias getting raped by the slime was magnificent. Such a pity Issei never got to keep it T_T

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