Inu x Boku SS Ep 7: False Alarm

Ayakashi Kan goes into a lockdown when an enemy invaded the building. Soushi and Ririchiyo are stuck together in her apartment and she struggles to muster of her courage and use this opportunity to thank Soushi for his kindness and loyalty.

Okay I have to admit, I laughed quite a bit this episode, but it sucked that the monsters weren’t anything significant or dangerous. However I was amused by the fact Soushi claimed it was a dangerous enemy because he was worried about the Obariyon basically perching to Ririchiyo. But somehow it felt like he let those twerps get on her on purpose when they came out. I mean knowing Soushi and how fast he reacted towards Kagerou, and then unable to prevent them from ending up onto Ririchiyo. Something isn’t quite right here, so I’m suspicious about his delay.
Oh gosh Karuta was so adorable and badass. She just burst through the building with a lobster in her mouth and wiped out the enemy. This girl is OFFICIALLY my favourite character of this show. She may be quiet and all, but man she’s AWESOME!
However in the end, I wish this episode had a bigger impact. Most certainly Ririchiyo managed to take a few steps forward and it was funny to see her flustered as ever, but I would like to see some drama if not action.


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