Nisemonogatari Episode 8: The Toothbrush Incident

Karen Toothbrush, Part 1! Have I mentioned that I love this show? Also, perhaps this is a good time to remind everyone that imoutos are never, ever like this in the real world. If only…



Karen pleads with Araragi to introduce her to Kanbaru, but Araragi makes her play a game with him to earn the right to meet Kanbaru: to endure 5 minutes of him brushing her teeth without giving up. DUN DUN DUNNNN~


Oh my god, Karen-chan is wearing a SKIRT? THE WORLD’S GONNA END~ You may consume this first full-length image that has been painfully constructed piece by piece.

 The endless number of naughty faces Karen-chan pulled did not go unnoticed at all – if I didn’t know better, I’d have guessed there was some heavy incest going on, what with all the orgasm noises she was making courtesy of Kitamura Eri. Are we promoting incest or something, with all this talk of taking our little sister’s virginities then brushing her teeth in some erotic manner? It’s completely true though; I’d never thought of Karen as being cute before o.O The guys over at Studio Shaft really produced this well, starting from Karen’s surprise at having someone invade her personal space, then eventually somehow getting horny, with the background very cleverly going pink (and of course, giving us even more full-length image opportunities!) Here have another one. You’re welcome. Don’t stare at her body too much though, you’ll notice the problems I had when putting this together.

Kawaii desho?

I wonder why Karen even wants to meet Kanbaru at all. I doubt Kanbaru would be a very good influence on her, once you look past the athlete star and amazing basketball player persona. Trust me, one visit to her house and those white panties she keeps flashing to Araragi will be replaced with a black lace one, if she even wears one at all. What she needs is a visit to Senjougahara, for tips on wordplay and more boke-tsukkomi interactions.

About the psychology of brushing someone else’s teeth for them – does it really work? I know of brushing your teeth with someone else’s toothbrush (and that’s beyond awkward) but I haven’t actually heard of this before. If I imagine it, I guess it’d feel a bit weird and unusual, especially if it was a girl, but I don’t think it’s the kind of thing you just suggest to do, and I doubt anyone apart from meek childhood friends and imoutos would let you. Wow Araragi, your fetishes know no bounds.

Introducing Touhou Project's next final boss: Araragi Koyomi!

Even though I found the entirety of this episode extremely kawaii and erotic, I couldn’t help but feel that the episode should have been named Karen Toothbrush instead of Tsukihi Phoenix. Don’t worry, we’ll get a doujin manga of this soon enough.

I dunno whether it was just me, or Tsukihi’s controlled anger at seeing her onii-chan messing around with yet another girl that isn’t her, but did she seem a bit off this episode? Like she wasn’t quite herself, a bit spaced out if you would. I’ve got this theory that the phoenix oddity is something that possesses it’s host similar to Kanbaru’s Rainy Devil, except it’s constantly active and much eerier. Unlike Karen’s OP though, we don’t actually have much info on anything concerning the phoenix, since it’s more or less just Tsukihi bobbing her head in time to the music, which I don’t actually mind too much xD What I do mind is that we have only 3 episodes left of Nisemonogatari, which is incredbly depressing when you think about it. I don’t want it to end~

They should make a Tsukihi-chan bobble, I would totally buy one

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    1. I don’t think so, maybe something figurative to show how they’re getting along better. They were both clothed when Tsukihi caught them, anyway.

      It’s a different story for Senjougahara and Araragi last week though…

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