Persona 4 (ep 5): being forced to play basketball and date a weird girl

This episode begins the adaptation of the social links outside the main cast, as we see this episode that Yu must join the basketball team and help a lovestruck overbearing girl by pretending to be her boyfriend to boost her ego.

It's alright though, because Yu looks fabulous

Yu starts out by being badgered to join the basketball team since they have so few members. He accepts in his usual monotone manner and it’s this action that leads to unfortunate events. Ichijou is the captain of the basketball team and Ai is the manager. Ichijo is endlessly devoted to basketball but doesn’t have enough players, and Ai constantly abandons the team time and again, causing a lot of boys who only joined to see her leave. As it turns out, Ai is in love with Ichijo, who has no idea she exists beyond being the manager. The result? She ropes Yu into finding out what kind of girl he likes, and many other assorted hijinks.

Ai badgers him (or tricks him, telling him she needs to shop for things for the club) into skipping school and they have a good time. Ai even states she should have fallen in love with Yu, who continues to be deadpan. Meanwhile Yu finds out who Ichijo does have a thing for…Chie. This infuriates Ai (and….makes me question his sanity XD) who then demands that Yu be her boyfriend and go steady with her.

it's okay'll allll be okay

Hijinks ensue. Chie becomes a temporary manager thanks to Yosuke thinking she likes Yu. Bitchfight occurs.

Thankfully Yu is freed when Ai realizes that she did all of these things in order to be loved, and yet she hasn’t really been yet. She decides to try harder to be herself and a good person, and thus Yu does not have to wear those glasses ever again…I know guys. Lets enjoy it one last time.

It's alright though, because Yu looks fabulous

Oh I guess it’s notable that Ai and Chie got into a bitchfight during Ichijo’s ~supposedly last game~ but…who gives a fuck. Okay maybe a little. Here, have a screenshot.

If only it was Yukiko…


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