Recorder to Randoseru Episode 9: The Miserable Life of Take-Nii


Take-Nii comes over to give some clothes to Atshushi, and ends up talking about how terrible his life is now that he has lost his girlfriend. He then mentions the idea of getting a job and starts finding small, worhtless part-time jobs.[adsenseyu1]

Myst’s Impression
Before I start on this, I have a question… Anyone have any idea who Take-Nii is? Because honestly, I know he gives clothes to Atsushi, but he feels more of a pedophile than Atsushi ever will…
Also, WHERE’S HIS FACE?! For someone who hits on Atsumi like that, I think we deserve to see what it looks like. Are his eyes so diabolical that no one will ever see them? Is he secretly Harry Potter and trying to hide the scar on his forehead or something? Because it’s very suspicious that we can only see up to his mouth. It makes me think he’s an evil antagonist or something… I should stop watching shounens.

Her expression shows it: His eyes have something suspicious about them, for sure.

So this week we learned about Take-Nii… Who’s a pathetic NEET… And who has no girlfriend… As well as a very evil mother who’d rather see him starve to death than to remain a NEET for ever and ever that’s harsh. This was a funny episode. The end such is the anticlimatic conslusion of a very short episode.

(Zero’s impression will be added soon)

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