Senki Zesshou Symphogear Ep 7: Betrayal

The fight between Hibiki and Chris quickly come to an end when both Tsubasa and Chris’ boss, Finè intervened. Later, Hibiki finds herself struggling to give Miku an explanation as the girl doesn’t want to hear anything and eventually declares that they can’t be friends anymore.

So it turns out that the  Ichii-Bal is actually the second Lost Relic, and Chris’s gear, which raises questions about why was she using the Nehushtan arbor besides the fact she hates singing. But i have to say, the whole outfit is way more badass than the Nehushtan armor, however voice while singing is terribly annoying. There were some parts into her song that were good, but the majority of it was not. Speaking of vocal tones, Chris mentioned that Tsubasa’s style has changed- but i find it rather difficult to identify. Maybe it has to do with singing from the soul and not because of well… nothing as she had previously identified herself to be a weapon.
Back to Chris:
She’s not actually evil, she has a soft side (she was adorable with the children) and actually had good intentions in her wish but it was obvious that it wasn’t going to be granted, nor could it be something that is granted as she wish it to be. Another thing about her is that even though she doesn’t enjoy singing because she fears its power of destruction, she still does- or at least hums a tune. I also find that she can be a bit tsundere, more so because she doesn’t feel like she can trust people like Hibiki very easily or feels confused by their actions. However her doubts and grudge against Hibiki are likely to vanish after Finè announced that she is no longer useful and tries to kill her- well I find it obvious that she’s missing on purpose, because after all, she is a yandere.
Now the question is whether Chris will make it alive or not, and if she does- she will definitely try and find Hibiki to either try and be useful to Finè  or ask to team up and reveal this information that she has acquired.
At the end of the episode, we finally got to see Finè’s face and I must say her eyes doesn’t look human at all. In fact, she claims herself to be immortal and has Kadingil, which honestly looks to be the true form of the Nehushtan ‘s armour.
We learned a lot from  Ryoko and it’s pretty messed up of how she’s experimenting with how everything is turning out (and she’s all happy about it) and that she’s OBSESSED with Hibiki as she is apparently the first specimen in regards to fusion between human and relic. She mentions about “an age where the Lulu Amel could be the masters of their own fate would dawn”. Honestly, that sounds like a BAD thing, it can’t be good.
It’s difficult to confirm whether Ryoko and Finè are the same person, but honestly I think they are most likely related and are possibly competing or collaborating with each other…
I feel bad for Hibiki now since Miku doesn’t trust her and announced that she can no longer be her friend. I wish that Miku would at least allow Hibiki to explain the situation herself as I doubt that the organization explained the reason behind keeping it a secret.
Overall this was a strong episode, definitely covered a lot of details and mysteries and revealed just how big of a threat Finè is turning out to be. I’m looking forward to the developments and see what kinda of choices will be made within the next episode.


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