Shakugan no Shana III Ep 18: Prelude to the Final Battle

It’s the prelude to the final battle, the final preparations have finally been completed, Hecate’s role has been fulfilled and sacrificed to the god. Yoshida too fulfills her role to help Lamie with the tuning in order set up Anti-Seal. As Shana and the gang arrive, the battles begins.

YAY! This wasn’t a boring episode! Alot of talking, thankfully there was action included so that’s awesome! I was super amused how everyone in Misaki City can actually see Seireiden and Sairei no Hebi’s body (but from their perspective he might actually be seen as a dragon- you know, LARGE, SPIKEY BODY, not to mention IN THE SKY and all that!!!
;A; Oh Hecate *SOBS* Not you too! She looked so happy for the first time in a long time so this was probably the sweetest way to say goodbye. I’m guessing this is the last we’ll ever see her unless some miracle or epilogue happens. It’s a real shame to see her disappear so early on but at least she’s happy- right?
I was actually laughing with (not at) Sarei no Hebi when he was doing that evil laughter of his and Yoshida was freaked out a bit. I was actually happy to see that Yoshida FINALLY kind of, I don’t know- REMEMBERED THAT SHE SHOULD VALUE HER EXISTENCE A LITTLE MORE IN THE FIRST PLACE. Well it’s a bit late now to realize that don’t you think? Well, hopefully she’ll do it for a bigger and better reason BEYOND her world revolving around Sakai-kun~. And speaking of that magical sacrifice pendant of hers… (how many of you want to bet that Hecate’s sacrifice had an influence her? … NAH LOL) Hey Vantage, looks like you’re in luck again for next week as Yoshida will finally use that pendant. Damn why do you get all the action packed episodes lmfao!
It seems that my theory of Lamie’s quest to achieve his dream can be used to help the creation of the Xandu is correct, but it hasn’t exactly been confirmed yet. I respect Lamie’s as a character and I really wish him the very best because he’s a good guy (and I’m speaking literal here).
Overall what a great prelude to the big battle. The Four God’s dramatic entrance was definitely giving us a good idea at just how strong they are and how much damage they can do. I have to say, Westshore frightens me in a sense she’s all like, “Return to Guze” and she kills them. I mean like, what hell woman!? Southvalley is driven by hate, and he was the one who seems to be the closest to Centerhill. For some odd reason, I’m under the impression that he either wins this battle, but dies in the next, or this is a long and ferocious battle- and he dies. The last scene where Yuuji was greeted by Shana was so sweet. I loved how they were smiling at each other as if they were meeting up for a casual outing! I’m looking forward to some serious action next week!


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  1. Aww, poor kawaii Hecate ;_; They did mention she’ll reappear for another wish to be granted by the god, so maybe in another…3000 years or so?
    Normally previews don’t reveal much, but DAT LAST FRAME. I HAVE WAITED FOR 18 WEEKS NOW TO SEE THIS MOMENT. And it’s not a troll, because PHELES WAS THERE xDD We need to like, throw a party or something.

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