Shakugan no Shana III Ep 20: Unrestricted Spells

The fierce battles continues and Yuuji/Sairei no Hebi finds himself struggling as the traps set up by Margery and the others. Having to face a desperate measure to protect the World’s Egg, Yuuji finally figured out how to use his very own  unrestricted spell. However knowing the risk, Shana acts fast to beat him to the punch so that she can fire her attack before Yuuji figures out his unrestricted spell properly. In the mean time, Frieder confronts Rofocale in hopes that he can awaken

Yes as you can see I’m lacking creativity for a title
Holy shit, Yuuji finally figured out his very own unrestricted spell! That was totally badass, even more so when Shana completely owned him and successfully struck the World’s Egg.
I don’t know what’s going to happen now, as obviously this is part of her plan- the question now is what kind of impact it will have on the creation of Xandu.
This episode revealed this mysterious bottle with ebbing in aqua light. I figure this is part of what Pheles been trying to put together, however we yet to learn about her plans. It looks like Yoshida will regain consciousness once again and have a second role to play as I figure she’s probably the key to whatever the plan is.
Another important factor that has been revealed this episode is the Guiding God, the Chanter of Awakenings, Shaher and the Oracle is contacted through his followers. Rofocale (who is a follower) mentioned that Shana’s plan is not worthy of his God’s words and its already a small part of the flow that is already existing- however… it appears that this bottle that the Tomogara are carrying is going to change Rofocale’s mind and be the ‘event’ to awaken the God of Guide or whatever.
Overall badass episodes. The battles were fierce and the combat was beautifully animated, I’m really anxious for next week to find out whether we’ll learn about just what that mysterious bottle is, and what contents it holds. Moreover I’m definitely curious about why it’s so important for the God of Guide’s to be the one to announce the plans.


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