Smile Precure! Ep 4: The Knight of the Wind!

Miyuki, Akane and Yayoi decide to continue searching for a Precure candiate. Miyuki- forgetting as usual, that the whole Precure thing is supposed to remain a secret, decides to scout Nao after her brave actions of standing up for them and a powerful player on the school’s soccer team.

I couldn’t help myself, I had to title it like that!
“Our bonds aren’t even  that strong yet! …  but they will become strong!”
Oh Akane, sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut at times like this.
Nao is officially the badass Precure of the team.
I was shocked that Akane and Yayoi didn’t do a thing this episode! They didn’t even try to protect the kids like Miyuki did. I was scratching my head in question going, “Um… what’s up with standing around like that? Not like you’re pinned down or anything?” In fact the one who ended up caught was Miyuki!
Anyhow, Nao’s reaction of her Precure from was pretty funny. Unlike the other girls, she actually took notice of her hair. I mean it’s way over the top with the volume and everything. It’s no wonder she decided to plush it. It was also funny to see her launch into a sprint only to crash into the bridge’s structure and then walk up brushing herself off in awe.
If anything, Nao’s character reminds me of a knight. She is brave, strong and doesn’t hesitate go out on attack even if she is likely not to stand a chance. It might also be the way she talks, it’s pretty deep and it’s pretty common to hear that kind of tone she has for female characters that is popular among girls (within the story).
I find Oni to be a lame villain in comparison to Wolfun. It’s obvious that he is the ‘Gag Character’ and his whole,”Oh my pants!” joke is a humor point for targeted audience (children), and without a doubt they’ll find it hilarious. After all, this guy was so happy about having clean pants and now he has to wash them all over again.
Overall this was a cute episode, it certainly lived up to fans expectations as all over the internet people were anxiously waiting for Precure March’s debute! Next week Aoki Reika will be joining the party and with that all five Precures have been found and put together- that is, if there’s no surprises and twist of fate in store for them. Fufufufufufu~


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