The Elemental Siblings attack Saito and Louise again as payback for their last encounter, however one of the brothers, Damien, disapproves, and stops the attack by converting the ground into water. Amidst the confusion, three elves quickly take out Tiffa and Saito, kidnapping them back to their elf country on the grounds that they are a Void user and familiar. Meanwhile, Louise, Siesta and the rest of their friends travel to the elf desert to try and rescue them.


Plot! Yay! I knew you’d come back eventually xD You can kinda tell when it’s a plot episode or a filler one, we didn’t waste any time at all in getting to the Elemental Siblings attacking for seemingly no reason. I dunno how Kirche and Montmorency crossed paths with the elves but not with the siblings, but maybe they took some alternate, discreet route just so no-one would guess they’d appear.

Though pretty standard, it was nice to see another fight in ZnT, since we haven’t had a proper one for some time (if you don’t count they bitching between Louise and Henrietta last episode). Saito should have finished them off quicker, since by the time he remembered that Louise was still sleeping, creepy girl had already gone in and felt her up several times over. I swear, she has some kind of pettanko fetish or something. Anyway, all three siblings seem scared of the fourth one, Damien, which is unusual since I’d expect the big guy to have power in terms of brute strength. Yes, I keep forgetting most of their names apart from Doudou, LMAO. Anyway, Damien uses his amazing water jutsu and suddenly everyone falls asleep because of the elf that just popped out of nowhere. Notice how Damien was still conscious after that spell, maybe it was cause he summoned the water, or because he’s powerful enough to resist it. Hmm…sensing a possible last boss here.

I actually thought the elves were FRIENDS with Tiffa and had come to help, but then I remembered that Tiffa was an elf outcast herself T_T The naked hot elf chick (Luctiana I think?) tells them that the elves don’t want the four void users to get together and crush elf country, I think they’d have better things to do but is this J.C. Staff’s way of subtly hinting that Joseph and Sheffield aren’t dead after all? The elves might be out of the loop with everyone else though, so it’s left open to interpretation I guess. Luctiana wanting to find out why Tiffa had such big boobs “study” the humans is pretty bizarre, she sounded like she didn’t know humans acted just like elves, and apparently the elf population believes people are all beasts and an inferior species to elves, but to me they look exactly the same apart from the pointy ears.

Rescue mission, STARTO! …Totally didn’t see that one coming, yeah…/sarcasm. A lot of Saito’s world must have visited this world, I mean what are the chances that a crashed jet fighter/submarine is randomly found in the middle of elf desert country? And they’ve done nothing about it because…? It’s a decent means of escape I guess, and the preview’s pretty much told us they’ll be using it, but it depends on where they’re going to go to – it’s a giant oasis remember? With sand stretching on for miles in every direction.

Also, Tiffa’s totally NOT making moves on Saito, hurr durr.

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  1. Dragon

    I think the fighter jet is the 2nd dragon they were talking about when there was an eclipse ^^ the 1st one was the plane Siesta’s grandfather uses then was used by Saito, and the 2nd one that disappeared may be that jet ^^ or maybe not -_- I don’t remember if it disappeared or returned to Japan

    1. Vantage

      The second fighter would have been pretty far out, seeing as the first one was found in Tristain. But after finding that gun in Romalia, anything’s possible xD

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