Zero no Tsukaima F Episode 8: Portal



The Elf Council get into an argument over whether to kill Saito and Tiffa or not, and they get put into an underground cell. Tiffa proclaims her love for Saito and they end up kissing, which activates the contract set up back when Tiffa did the summoning ritual, making Saito her familiar, and the Heart of God. Lukshana and Bidarshal end up helping them escape, and follow them through a portal that Louise activated with her new void magic, taking refugee in human territory.


I saw this coming! …Okay, I didn’t see it coming at all, but still. It should have been much more obvious than it ended up being, but how could I forget that the familiar contract needs to be activated with a kiss? Obviously, it would never happen anywhere near Louise or the other haremettes, so I suppose it was good that they got kidnapped and left alone for lengthy periods of time until Tiffa decided to confess.

Saito’s new power seems to be able to transfer his energy to another person, which looks pretty lame compared to Gandalfr. I’m sure another stronger use will unlock itself in a dangerous situation soon enough. After a little searching around without trying to spoil myself to death, I found out that this new rune marking was that of the Heart of God, similar to how his Gandalfr power is the Left Hand of God. Actually, this makes sense now – the familiar rune markings turn up on whichever body part their power corresponds to. Wow, I just thought of something I really shouldn’t have…moving swiftly on.

These elf people seem extremely paranoid that the Void users are going to destroy their beloved country as soon as they get together, as if it’s top of their priority list or something. Who would want to mess around with the elves when you have…uhh…okay, let’s mess around with the elves xD Lukshana ended up wanting to help them break out of jail (she wasn’t a very good antagonist anyway) and Bidarshal and the other less important guy tag along too for some reason. I dunno the purpose of keeping her around other than for fanservice, but she’s engaged anyway, and that takes so much of the fun out =/

So I found out that Louise is a big Portal fan, and therefore instead of directly summoning Saito, she opens up a portal despite the spell being called Teleport. How fitting. On the other hand though, if it wasn’t for that, then Saito would have left the poor elves behind to get crushed to death by a giant green rock, and apparently elf death isn’t a good thing because it could spark a war or something.

It was a bit too anticlimatic of an ending for my liking, and it seems that the entire purpose of this mini-arc was to have Saito become Tiffa’s familiar, for Louise to learn a new spell and for two elves to join the cast. Tabitha’s coronation next week ought to be fairly interesting – I haven’t forgotten that  since Joseph, the Gallia Void user, is dead, Void power moves on to someone else in Gallia…

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    1. I don’t know man, it’s both epic and messed up at the same time. Tiffa will probably be joining the harem, but I guess Saito x Louise will stay the strongest…I think?

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