Amagami SS+ plus Episode 8: Companion


While at the bus station, Junichi and Kaoru meet a trucker who picks them up and drops them off at a nearby hot springs inn to stay the night. In the morning, they make the long trek to the nearest bus stop only to be told that it isn’t in use anymore. Junichi uses the last of their change to call Miya, but when that turns out not to be much use, they end up walking to the beach, where Umehara passes by and rescues them.


It would probably have been easier for the trucker to drop them off somewhere more urban if it was along his route, though it was already pretty late at night when Junichi and Kaoru ran into him. There was that underlying tone of “you always hurt the ones you love” there, with all the arguments the pair got into over the pettiest things. I guess they got desperate or something, being in the middle of nowhere with hardly any money.

The hot springs night was hilarious, and I knew that somehow, an incident would happen at the onsen and Junichi will see Kaoru naked or vice versa. Both happened, actually, as well as some perverted monkey stealing Kaoru’s bra. It was kind of anticlimatic since nothing really occurred, but a bit of true slice-of-life at the same time.

Whatever they were trying to do with the small amount of money they had left, calling Miya would be the LAST thing you would do, especially now that she’s all nishishi~ and hyperactive. Not like she was a lot of use asleep though.

That beach looked pretty similar to the one that Junichi goes with Ai to all the time, and there were familiar buildings in the distance too. The fact that Umehara was randomly there (apart from as a deus ex machina to get them out of the mess) meant it was probably close to the city – the bus hadn’t travelled that far after all. If you ask me, I would have thought it was a kinda crappy trip, but as they got a good making out session on the beach I’d think their opinions would differ.

I think what this episode was trying to emphasise is that out of all the girls, Junichi’s relationship with Kaoru in her arc is the most informal, and that it’s just how they are – the way that their relationship is, somewhere in between being companions and lovers. Everything’s perfect as it is, and there’s nothing that needs changing, no matter how much they think something does.


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