Amagami SS+ plus Episodes 9 + 10 [Sae Arc]



Almost a year after the last Founder’s Festival, Junichi and Sae go to a shrine to pray and make wishes, with Sae not willing to tell Junichi her wish in case it didn’t come true. When Junichi hears from Miya that Sae has an arranged marriage meetup near a hotel, he rushes to break it up only to find out that it was a playdate for puppies, and that Sae’s wish was for them to be together forever.

When Sae gets elected for the festival committee president, she ends up spending less time with Junichi because of her huge workload, but he gets the idea of filming her progress as a way to be with her more. Junichi’s encouragement gets Sae’s confidence up, and the Founder’s Festival turns out to once again be a success.

Episode 9 Impression

It’s cute and all, but I don’t really see the point in all these bear videos of Sae dressing up in various animal costumes. You might as well do a Nanasaki Ai portfolio or something. Given the fact that she’s a timid kouhai and so isn’t that receptive to err…intimacy, I hope they’re not replacing all the deredere moments with animal videos.

Somehow I find it hard to believe that Sae would become so popular in school (even more than Haruka it seems) but with such a Glamorous Body, anything can happen. The Best Couple scene from last season was pretty epic though, so some form of popularity was bound to happen. Poor Junichi – both having trouble ignoring jealous guys as well as somehow picking food from the cafeteria. It’s actually the opposite of what happened with the cafeteria ladies being vending machines back in her Season 1 arc.

Though it seems a bit cruel, part of me wished that there actually was a marriage meetup, and that there would be an epic plot twisting series of events until Junichi and Sae get back together again. It would make things more interesting and definitely spice up an already-mellow romance series, but I guess these are the limitations you get with only two episodes =/

I always knew Junichi had some kind of fetish for dominance, so I wasn’t at all surprised when he wanted that “instructor” play to return in their interactions – and what better situation for that than Sae being the Founder’s Festival committee president?

Episode 10 Impression

For some reason I had a feeling throughout the episode that I’d seen this development before, but with a slightly more dramatic backdrop. It then clicked to me that this was the plot for the original Ayatsuji Tsukasa arc before she got together with Junichi (you know, the one where she snapped). Except this time round, it was toned down a lot to fit into one episode, and as a result it was pretty linear, with nothing particularly exciting happening.

I’m glad that Junichi took the initiative to help out Sae with her problems, first the confidence issue back in Season 1 and now the stress behind being the kaichou for the school festival. I don’t think she would have ended up snapping like Tsukasa did when everything became too much, but it was amazing how she stuck it out and went on to make the festival a success. And to think that without Junichi, she would still be a little girl with nearly no self-confidence at all.

We got a timeskip this round, which showed things as they were eight years in the future – and wow, their child looks so similar to Sae when she was younger. Actually, they’d look nearly identical if she wore her hair up again. Junichi still looks pretty young, while Sae still has her high-pitched voice – looks like some things stay the same even over time xD

Next episode title: Sexy.
…Haruka-sama, my body is ready.


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