Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 10: Letting Go…

Kaito and Ichika are an item, Kanna is facing the heartbreak and Tetsurou feels overwhelmed and frustrated with himself when Mio tells him that he should do something for himself for an exchange rather than others.

What a powerful episode. *SOBS* MY HEART~
;A; Oh Tetsurou, poor man. He was there for Kanna the entire time, holding back his feelings, not saying anything. I’m glad that Mio was there for him and encouraged him by repeating what he had told her to help him do something for himself for an exchange. *SOBS* Tetsurou you’re such a good guy, you deserves to be loved as well! I do hope he will officially accept Mio’s confession, maybe not right now since he’s in an emotional state.
Remon I love you. You are a freaking genius. I couldn’t stop laughing when she handed over the condom to Kaito, in fact I couldn’t breathe and almost fell off my chair.
Ichika and Kaito and madly in love, they are not holding back or hesitating by embarrassment to snuggling and sweet talk each other.
Looks like they only a day or two to enjoy that, poor them. Now that Ichika’s sister in the in picture, I do wonder what’s going to happen now. She’s either going to return home with her, or stick around on Earth.


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