Ano Natsu de Matteru Ep 12: Goodbye [FINAL]

Kaito and Ichika finally find the place they were looking for and hear a piece of memory left behind by an alien whom had been there before them in the past. Unfortunately, the piece of evidence that they needed no longer exists, and Ichika is forced to leave planet Earth, and with that the two of them vow to meet again in the future.

Final Impression:
My heart just shattered into smithereens for the second time today.
Excuse me I need to bawl my eyes out for a bit once again.

I… I’m sobbing.
I was spot on last week when I sensed Toradora’s Ending vibes. Ichika ended up leaving the planet- and eventually, (god knows when) returned with the help of the Men in Black  (or so that’s what I’m assuming) since Remon is actually a member of the organization. Her parting with Kaito was extremely emotional and I ended up shedding tears.
And now I’m absolutely DEVASTATED that Tetsurou x Mio didn’t make it till the very end and only lasted one episode- or maybe some of us (who ship them) read the invitation wrong. Either way, I’m heartbroken about it.

OTL||| I didn’t think I’d have to use this kind of gif twice in one day.
*Eats Chocolate…*

I’m glad that Remon turned out to be a MIB agent, because that just made her even more badass than she was already to begin was. Her weapons were definitely the highlight of the episode, and a twist where it turned out that Manami’s husband actually part of the MIB as well.
In the end, Ano Natsu de Matteru was a great show. While it certainly wasn’t my favourite of the season, nor was the most memorable one until the last two episodes, it definitely earns a plus for the drama and the romance. Best romance of the season? I suppose you could say that. I’m certainly not happy with the final results as you see Tetsurou x Mio is far from canon when they aren’t even in a relationship. *SULKS*
Unfortunately this is all I have to say about the finale. :\
Stay tuned for my Overall Review which will be in a separate post.


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  1. TimesTicking says:

    That sure was a great anime 😀
    Remon FTW!!!
    I’m hoping they can release an OVA about Remon and Tetsuro x Mio XD

    • Eva says:

      ;A; That would be wonderful.
      Or even better, an OVA solely dedicated about Remon and her MIB missions. 8D

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