Area no Kishi Ep 12: Reality Check

Coach Iwaki organizes a practice match against Kama College in order to give Araki a brutal wake up call to understand that he cannot play in his current shape, and shows what happens when they are missing players whom temporally left the team.

YES. MWAHAHAHAHAHAH! COACH IWAKI, YOU ARE BRILLIANT! Seriously what a great way to give Araki a brutal reality check! I APPROVE THIS. I APPROVE THIS SO MUCH! Seriously ,if I were a serious coach, I would have probably done the same thing! I also have so much respect for him for working overtime on another job just to rent out a stadium so that the team can play on the grass. *SOBS* What a dedicated coach!!! He shall take them far!!!
The match against Kama College was a great lesson to serve all the players. After I saw the SC score a few, I knew right away that Kama College weren’t being serious at all- which I liked. A great way to build up the opponents’ confidence and then destroy them! Of course this was requested by the coach, so it’s fine- in a real game, that’d be pretty sad and I wouldn’t have much respect for them. The SC’s team has two major weaknesses: One is the lack of organization because they are missing the other players who have experience in that and take the lead. Two is poor defensive connections, again it’s lacking a leader to lead the defensemen.
Now that the team is finally unite, NOW LETS THE POTENTIAL BADASS TEAM START PROPERLY DEVELOPING!!!!! Oh man I’m looking forward to seeing ht Inter-High matches! This should be fun! 😀


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