Bleach 365: Ginjo X Ichigo

The final battle has begun, Ginjo and Ichigo are finally showing off their power to see who has the biggest sword



A lot of boring talks happened this episode, it was nice to finally understand the function of the combat pass, but we still don’t have a complete answer as to its purpose. We know it is to monitor and control Ichigo, not to let him loses and out of control with his incredible power, but there must have been a deeper reason and meaning to it all, and I figure we’ll learn that part when Ichigo will meet with Ukitake once again.

Plan B, shoot stuff

We also learned that Ginjo traded power with everyone from Xcution, it doesn’t seem to have helped him much in the end.  After all, the members of Xcution, except for Tsukishima, were disappointingly weak. They were all easily defeated by the captains and lieutenant, but Ichigo has power well beyond any of the captains. Fortunately Ginjo was able to obtain the power of Ichigo    before their battle, otherwise this would have been a boring match up. Now Ginjo is technically stronger than Ichigo, but I wonder if it is truly the case, I have a feeling that Ichigo is holding back something.

His Bankai got some style he lost his power

And that would be his Hollow power, I don’t know if they are still intact or if he still has them at all, but if he do, There is no way Ginjo has any way of beating Ichigo, even if Ginjo has hollow power too. Still, I’m looking forward to their fight, it ought to be interesting and most of all, destructive. And I sure love my destruction early in the morning. Even if for some reason Ichigo was unable to defeat Ginjo with his own strength, there are enough captains on the ground to decimate any army, Ginjo is doomed no matter how strong he could have possibly become, his fight is pointless.

Difficult to make him look like more of a bad guy at this point

We are coming to the end of Bleach, I do believe next episode will be the last (correct me in the comment if it isn’t). It is a good thing in the sense that we will finally be rid of those stupid filler season, but it is kind of sad to remind myself that I won’t be able to see Ichigo’s cute orange hair. I’ll just scream Bankai while walking down the streets on Tuesdays to reminds me of the good old-time.  But we still have one more episode to go before that.

In the preview for next episode we saw that just about every Xcution member look still well alive, which is kind of revolting since most of them should be well beyond dead by now, Jackie and Tsukishima coming to mind. But so long as they eventually die, I can live with them having a long…very long final breath. We’ll see how it goes next episode.

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