High School DxD [Final Impression]

My favorite Hentai of the season is now over, let us take a look at how much Boob we saw in those last couple weeks


Animation & Art

The show was really well drawn, the animation was smooth and the characters were beautiful. It is always something important in a ecchi after all. Since about half of the content in the show is boobs, I am glad that they are at least beautiful and bouncy to my liking. There were no scene that I find particularly beautiful, there was never a moment when I was simply amazed at the beauty that unfolded before my eyes. I was sometimes stunned by marvelous boobs and panty shot, but other than that, the art was not god like, but It was still impressive. I never felt like I was watching a shitty or sub par anime, because it was always something beautiful to watch.

Rating 8/10


The characters in the show were not developed to such a high degree. Nearly all the characters were flat, the only characters that were develop a little were Asia, Issei and Rias. Every other character were never explored or made interesting in some ways. I could even argue that even Asia was never really developed (in a character point of view, because she is WELL developed elsewhere). That leaves Issei and Rias, while Issei had a hilarious personality, he wasn’t anything new or special really. He was quite the regular ecchi protagonist, extremely perverted and socially awkward. Rias wasn’t anything more either, She was a tsundere like so many, while she was not as rough as some tsundere, she was still the strong woman who had to defend her pride and dream, even if it meant that she had to do some sacrifice. But she was glad that her prince charming arrived to save her from marrying the evil prince.


The characters were barely developed, they were not that original or interesting, but they were not completely terrible either, they were just acceptable, but I guess that it is enough for this kind of show.

 Rating 6/10

 Original Sound Track & Opening/Closing theme:

I cannot really praise the show for its songs. They weren’t bad, I kind of like the opening theme…I guess. But it won’t appear in my list of anime song that I will forever listen to. The ending wasn’t that much better too. They were not bad, but they were not original or different from the theme of just about every other ecchi out there. My ear never bled, the rhythm was nice, but I won’t even remember this song in just a couple of days. So I would not recommend this show for its soundtrack.

Rating: 5/10


Now let us start with this, the show is an ecchi, so if you compare it with a more serious show, it sucks…big time. BUT, if you compare it to another ecchi, the story was actually kind of interesting in High School DxD. We had demon fighting with super powers, fallen angels rapping innocent nurse and demon lords that were having arranged marriage with innocent virgins. What is there not to like? To be honest, the show had many plot holes, there were episode that were meaningless in term of story and the story was hardly going anywhere for 3/4 of the season. You know how Asia got a dragon? Well she never used it except to hold it in her arm while she was crying at the very end. Same goes for all the assignment Issei had to do, it was meant to make him stronger I guess, but it had no real purpose in the end. Therefore I think the story sucked if you want to take this show as an anime, but if you compare it to a hentai, the story was really great and well-developed.

Rating 7/10


Overall Entertainment Value

This show was hilarious most of the time. The jokes were perverted yet extremely funny, Issei had a way to make me laugh every single times. But not only was the show funny, it was closer to a hentai than an anime. The show was uncensored, full of boobs, panty shot, ass and extremely ecchi stuff. Even in a hentai I’ve never seen a girl be so forward as to say “Take my virginity Issei”, it was really explicit and unexpected.

If you want a good ecchi, High School DxD is awesome, I rarely have the chance to see an ecchi as explicit and well made as this one. It was pure beauty, beautiful to see and enjoy, if you know what I mean. The ecchi was so extreme by moment that I was wondering if I was not watching a remake of Bible Black Gaiden or something, and I count that as a positive thing.

Rating: 9/10


 I recommend this show to anyone who loves boobs, perverted jokes and more boobs. The show is 90% about those 3 things, but it uses them really well. The Boobs are huge and bouncy and uncensored all over your screen and the jokes are deep in the gutter and your mind will never leave that place either. DON’T watch this show for the story, you will be disappointed, nor should you watch it for the characters or the soundtrack. But if you watch it for the boobs, you will like it I’m certain, even more so if you are into the demon and hardcore stuff: tentacle rape, nurses rape, huge vagina with teeth.


This is why I give a final score of 8/10 for this show, it is a 9/10 for boobs fan, but a 6/10 in term of anime.

Final Rating: 8/10

 ZeroG signing off

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