High School DxD special 1: Fun time at the beach

Because there was not enough ecchi already in High School DxD, we are presented with this incredible beach special.

A day at the beach, this is exactly what this show was missing, after all, one would expect demons to have a nice sun bath, no? Ok, let us forget about the fact that they are supposed to be not too fond of light for a minute and concentrate on the important part. After all, I think there were more boobs than anything else in this episode, not that I’m complaining of course.

This is just too much lol

Who wouldn’t want to see Issei caught in between two monster pair of tits that are lubricated by an insane amount of sun lotion that look more like sperm than anything else? There is not much words to say for this episode, I believe screenshot are what will sum it up best. There was no story, no point, it was pure fanservice, just what a special episode should be like.

But it is kind of funny that the ecchi level of the fanservice episode was just about on par to the show regular ecchi, but it was still quite enjoyable.

ZeroG signing off

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  1. Notice how in one of the pictures, it looks like his mouth in open and sucking her t**s.

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