Mirai Nikki [future diary] ep 18: Yuki whines and we discover why Yuno is insane

Yuki’s mom is dead, but frankly I’m too busy hoping his dad will die. DIE YUKI’S DAD, YOU AWFUL PIECE OF EXISTENCE

and then these bitches are next

This episode actually starts off with some Yuno exposition. When Yuno and Yuki ended up taking the test together and Yuno decided to become Yuki’s bride, Yuno had already killed her parents. So her insanity seems to make sense. She was driven to killing her parents by their actions towards her, and so became insanely obsessed with Yuki for some hope of the future.

Doesn’t mean she’s not crazy though. BECAUSE SHE IS. SHE’S INSANE. But lets look further into the past of Yuno:

Yuno’s mother was insane. She kept track of everything from grades to daily calorie intake, and wanted Yuno to be perfect. When she strayed from this ideal she was locked in a cage by her mother and frequently fed inedible substances.

Eventually Yuno locked them in the same cage she was locked in and by the time she regained her sanity, they were dead. So Yuno now seems understandable, even if it doesn’t make her actions forgivable. She legitimately was driven insane. So from now on guys, when I say DAMN YUNO YOU CRAZY, know that I mean it from the bottom of my heart. Especially since she spent the rest of the flashback stalking Yuki and trying to make sure he didn’t pursue other girls.

What’s left of the episode, Yuki goes to meet his father. They reconcile and Yuki’s dad says he’s going to turn himself in, and maybe after that they can be a family. But before that can happen he is killed by command of Eleventh (which makes me REALLY happy guys…AHAHAHA) and Yuki is actually so fucked up by this he DOES. SOMETHING.

And from there the episode ends with Yuki deciding he must become god and bring his parents back to life. Yuno even tells him she’ll let him kill her when the time comes and so, Yuki actually decides to do something. Their love. Its so beautiful and not insane and fucked up guys. THEIR LOVE. lmao.


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