Mouretsu Pirates Episode 10: Searching… And Finding Nothing.

Marika and her crew begin their quest to find the Golden Ghost Ship, as they go through storms and ship battles.


looooooong sigh I apologize for whoever may enjoy this show, but I can’t stand any more of this.
Mouretsu Pirates started off super well, and my expectations were huge as to what this could turn into. In the end, not only were my hopes destroyed, but the story wasn’t developed properly and I still haven’t found anything that makes this show worth watching.
This week, we finally had a good battle, one which lasted… 5 minutes? This show isn’t focused on action at all, and I wouldn’t mind if it wasn’t for the idea that the concept of this show is all centered around an action theme. Trying to make a cool fantasy story about space pirates without action is like trying to make a romance without a bishie: It rarely works.
I was ready to wait patiently and to endure the slow pace of this show, because I thought it would finish with a bang, however in the end this did fare well and I am not ready to take care of this for another 16 episodes. Goodbye, dear readers!

2 thoughts on “Mouretsu Pirates Episode 10: Searching… And Finding Nothing.

  1. Yeah, I suspect that you were expecting something like Outlaw Star, and this is a very different type of show from that. It’s really somewhere between Outlaw Star & Starship Operators, and that just doesn’t translate to “long stretches of action every episode!”.

  2. I have not seen either anime, but from reading the summaries, I’d say that Mouretsu Pirates makes it look like there will be a lot more “Outlaw Star” genre than there actually is. I knew there was going to be less action, but I still expected the main plot to contain more of it than there actually was, and I was very disappointed (Miniskirt Pirates are kinda cool, but the concept becomes redundant after 5 episodes if nothing else happens).

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