Naruto Shippuden Episode 254: Katsu!


Motoi reveals that the Kumo island is actually a mobile giant turtle raised by Kumogakure ever since ancient times, making it perfect to hide away the two remaining Jinchuuriki. To keep Naruto occupied, the Konoha ninja give Naruto a fake S-rank mission to observe the ecology and wildlife of the island for use in the upcoming war. As Kabuto goes out to look for the island turtle, Oonoki intercepts him and ends up fighting Deidara once more, who has been resurrected using the Edo Tensei.


Remember back to when Gai got off the boat, yet still felt seasick? That was probably because the island isn’t an island – rather, its the back of a giant turtle. I’m not even going to ask how it grew so big, but it’s a good thing it’s there to help move Naruto and Killer Bee away from Kabuto. Doesn’t look like it can move very fast though xD

I vaguely remember the ecology mission scene from the manga, but to be honest the first half of this episode felt more like a filler than anything else. It’s got that “useless” vibe to it, as well as old filler characters coming back, like that retarded ninja chicken ostrich that Naruto chased around ages ago. It was around after he beat Nagato as well. With weird giant gorillas, penguins and hippos it looked eerily comparable to a filler episode. In fact, I can nearly see it now – after this season, we go into filler in the form of Naruto collecting data for the next 12 episodes to mobilise animals to fight the 100,000 Zetsu clones stored somewhere underground in that creepy, creepy base.

Though Kabuto’s only using Deidara since he has the most convenient flying ability, it was quite coincidental how he ends up fighting Oonoki the Tsuchikage, who was the same Tsuchikage that Deidara defected from to join the Akatsuki. I don’t think he’ll have too much trouble with someone like Deidara, but given his capability to clay bomb things recklessly he may just be able to pull something off. Kabuto did hint that Deidara didn’t manage to kill Sasuke (just wait till he finds out) but what was more confusing was how he even has a body at all. I’m sure he didn’t leave anything behind when he blew himself up. There are other gaping plot holes too, like how Kabuto had Nagato’s body minus the eyes when he threatened Tobi below, when it was supposed to be still with Konan, until Tobi went and took it.

Anyway, full speed ahead with the Oonoki VS Deidara fight, as well as more mobilising for the Fourth Shinobi World War. Screw Naruto and his animals.

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