“No, this girl doesn’t look suspicious at all,” says Misaka Misaka, her voice dripping with sarcasm.



After winning a game of rock-paper-scissors and having Karen carry him on the way to Kanbaru’s house, Araragi meets a young lady named Kagenui Yozuru, who asks and telepathically receives directions to Eikou Cram School, which just happens to be Oshino’s old hideout. Araragi drops Karen at Kanbaru’s house and meets up with Hachikuji on the way home, bantering a little as they go. Suddenly, they are interrupted by a girl introducing herself as Ononoki Yotsugi who refers to them in oddity terms, also asking for the way to the cram school.


I swear, most of the sexually suggesting interactions actually come from Karen, and after that toothbrush incident, I would have thought we’d lay off of her for a while. Instead, now we have Araragi sitting on his imouto’s shoulders, with his crotch behind her head and his legs near her boobs. No, nowhere near erotic at all. note the sarcasm If you think she’s bad now, wait till she comes out of Kanbaru’s o.O Also it seems that she’s as nonchalant about changing her hairstyle as much as Tsukihi is. ALL THAT PURTY HAIR sobsob

Even though we didn’t get anywhere too far with plot-wise, we were still treated to an episode stuffed full with random banter and references that may not even be references in the first place. Either way, I think someone at Shaft has been converted to an avid Tachibana Miya (Amagami SS) fan, since I definitely did not miss the trademark nishishi~ normally only used by Miya. Or the “amagami” that Hachikuji gave Araragi. Yes, I HNNNG’ed.

"I bit you~" *tries to keep blood in nose*

So Senjougahara is the one he’s dating, Tsubasa is the one he loves and Hachikuji is the one he wants to marry, how fitting for Kikirara-san Araragi xD I wouldn’t put it past Shinobu to have tripped him up out of jealously, especially with the very subtle Yukari Yakumo-like gap her hand crept out of. He seems to have a lot of fun wordplaying around with Hachikuji anyway, Senjougahara is too much of a sadist while Kanbaru is way over in the masochistic camp. It’s the first time they’ve used the tongue biting gag twice in an episode, but I don’t mind at all. LOLI APPRECIATION DAY!

At this point, I’m more than sure that these two new people, Yozuru and Misaka Yotsugi are affiliated with Oshino in some way. Not only do they ask for directions to the same cram school Oshino used, but they want it to set up a base of operations, much like Oshino did in Kizu/Bakemonogatari. I’m willing to bet they’re negotiators as well, albeit much stranger than Oshino was. Both Karen and Hachikuji recognized the strength of these two, Karen for Yozuru’s physical strength and Hachikuji for Yotsugi’s…emotionless loli-ness? guessed Misaka Misaka as she nods her head proudly. I didn’t miss the fact that they both identified people by their oddity alignment, like “devil boy” for Araragi and “hornet girl” for Karen. Yes, alarm bells should be ringing by now, they weren’t introduced for no random reason. I dunno, they could clearly turn out to be shady people like Kaiki was, or they could potentially be the next Oshino before they decide to move on.

Either way, those obvious “Danger Warning” and “No Entry” signs at the construction site are pretty ominous and are definitely foreshadowing something that’s going to happen soon, I said with a posed look.