One Piece Episode 540: Queen Otohime and the Sun Pirates

It is now time for storytelling! Today, we get to learn more about Queen Otohime, the mother of Princess Shirahoshi and the 3 Princes.

Yup, she's Shirahoshi's mother all right. Crying as always...


Despite her being especially fragile, Otohime was an important figure who always did the right thing, stopping bad guys and helping them realize the poor reasoning behind their actions. She slapped them so that they would learn their lesson, no matter what pain it caused her. She hit thieves, children… Wait, what? All in order for them to be a better person in the end sniff Such a good Queen she was…

"She was so passionate and full of love" Oh yes, yes she was.

Despite the admiration everyone has for her, they all turn against her when she claims she wants to relocate next to humans. She decides not to give up and to continue to try and convince everyone while Arlong, still young and handsome for a fishman anyways, is busy bullying people on Fishman Island. Fisher Tiger then comes back with the idea that he will free all slaves from Mariejoa, and after it has been done he creates the Sun Pirates, who are joined by Arlong and Jimbei.
What a boss.

Wow, compared to last episode, it’s easy to say that this one was MUCH better. It looks like the next few episodes will all be flashbacks, however I think there are a lot of things that will be made clearer in this. I’m especially curious to know how Fisher Tiger and Queen Otohime died in the end…
Talking about the Queen, that lady is SO DAMN COOL AND AMAZING. 5 minutes into the episode, and I loved her already. She fights for her ideals, she’s badass, doesn’t mind being hurt for others and most of all she’s absolutely hilarious. I died when she slapped the kid because he had snot coming out of his nose. Oh yes, and it looks like I have to apologize to everyone: I thought Queen Otohime was a human because of her skin colour and fragile appearance, but it turns out that she wasn’t at all Oops. Anyways, she fights deeply for her cause, and I sincerely hope that she will do something which will change things at least a little bit before she dies. I mean, she’s just so awesome…
Someone explain to me how she gave birth to Shirahoshi? Because it just doesn't click in my mind.

We don’t know much about young Arlong and the Sun Pirates yet, it looks like I’ll have to wait until next episode to be able to give more of an opinion on things. Personally, I love Jimbei’s and Arlong’s character designs much more as their young versions, but I can’t say much about the actual storyline, since it hasn’t really started yet.
It must be the bowler hat.

See you next week~~~

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